Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child’s patience

In the course of the child’s growth, parents are the first teachers of their children, so the education style given by their parents is especially important. As they grow older, children need to learn to do things independently, such as doing homework, tidying up their own rooms and clothes.

Although the child is young, naive, but also have their own small temper, in doing things when there will be no patience. So how can parents improve their patience? Let’s study and study together.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience1

What if children don’t have the patience?

One way to improve your child’s patience is to praise your child in time

After the child has finished the task, parents should praise the children in time, which will make them more motivated and motivated. After the exercise of minor matters, parents should be more conscious of setting up obstacles for their children, and provide them with opportunities to overcome their difficulties. Because patience is a strong will to temper, and the more difficult circumstances, the more you can exercise the child’s patience. At this time, parents should encourage their children to do things without giving up halfway. Children through efforts to accomplish a thing, parents should be commended in a timely manner, and strengthen children’s patience to do good habits.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience2

What if children don’t have the patience?

Two ways to improve your child’s patience: rule making

Schedule your time, do your homework and play your schedule, guide your child to complete the task on time, and give rewards after two or a month. If this continues for a long time, the efficiency of the child will be much improved, and patience will be improved.

Three ways to improve children’s patience: parents should set an example

Parents are the children’s first teachers, want children to withstand the heart, parents first set an example and set an example. Parents can not worry about the habit, but not angry about the child. If the parents in life do not cop-out patience, children will be “learning”, so our parents or to seriously have the patience to do things, and is very important for children.

Improve child patience method four: puzzle toys assisted

Many children like to play with toys. By choosing some educational toys, they can cultivate their patience in fun. For example, the building blocks toys, is a different shape, need to be stacked together to form different shapes; puzzle game is to learn to observe and care, and when these kids interactive games is to exercise the child’s patience, time may have to accompany the child to do some interactive educational toys.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience3

What if children don’t have the patience?

Five ways to improve your child’s patience: start with small things around you

Cultivate patience, you can start from the small things around you, you can arrange some children can do housework to them, such as washing dishes, wiping the table, cleaning the room and so on. At first, the child would do it carelessly, while the parents could stand aside and urge the child to do it carefully until he cleaned the bowl, cleaned the table, and cleaned the room. Let the child understand that everything must be done with patience.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience4

What if children don’t have the patience?

Six ways to improve your child’s patience: let your child learn to wait

If a child meets something he likes or does something interesting, he can’t wait to achieve it as soon as possible, such as watching the animated cartoons, playing the toys he wants to play, and going out to the playground…… But parents can’t afford to meet their children and meet their children’s needs immediately. Let the child learn to wait patiently, for example, to help mother complete the task to go.


Prostatitis is the best medicine for prostatitis in the Chinese Medicine

What is the best medicine that treats prostatitis? What are the specific medicine that treats prostatitis? We all know that prostatitis is a common problem among middle-aged and elderly people, and it is easy to relapse. In addition, there are many causes of prostatitis, and only symptomatic treatment can be effective.

Prostatitis is often accompanied by manifestations of sexual dysfunction. Clinically, many prostatitis cases are detected with prostatitis because of sexual dysfunction. Secondly, prostatitis can lead to abnormal urination. For urine weakness, dribbling, urine is not clean, urinary fine, interrupt urine urethral obstruction symptoms. Some patients can appear more frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urinary secretions and other special symptoms. Again, prostatitis can present abdominal discomfort symptoms. Often manifested as lower abdominal pain, perineal fall pain, slight low back pain, anal swelling, swelling and other symptoms of pelvic discomfort, greatly affecting the quality of life.

How much is it to treat prostatitis? What is the cost of treating prostatitis? Get prostatitis to want seasonable treatment, because prostatitis is delayed, can become chronic prostatitis, when the time comes, cure rises relatively quite troublesome.

How much is it to treat prostatitis?

What is the best medicine that treats prostatitis best? At present, there is no real medicine for treating prostatitis thoroughly, although some in the media exaggerated, because foreign medicine extraction technology developed, this aspect of foreign drugs is relatively more, in Europe and the United States, male patients with the treatment of prostatitis is a good drug core Qianlieshule tablets drug absorption of drug molecules in drug extraction and human prostate treatment is quite in place, so the drug effect is very significant, has been the first choice for the treatment of male friends in Europe and the United States to cure prostatitis, prostatitis but its price is relatively common, more high.

In addition, the maintenance treatment of prostatitis: in this regard, the general is slowly nursed back to good prostatitis, like taboo masturbation and excessive sexual life, vaginal health effects remained and some medicine, the method is only as a health care treatment of prostatitis.

Abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnant women can affect fetal health

Abnormal leucorrhea is also a common gynecological disease, because women after pregnancy, vaginal secretions will increase, this secretion is commonly known as “leucorrhea.””. If the leucorrhea is only a lot of quantity, but no foul odor, no itching, no special color (such as red, coffee or yellow green), is a normal phenomenon, without special treatment. If the leucorrhea color is thicker, the smell is bad or the vagina itches, should treat the diagnosis and treatment, because the leucorrhea unusual usually represents the vagina infection, this will have the influence to the fetus.

The doctor introduces, leucorrhoea color is more, odour is smelly or genital Sao Sao is more common, there are four kinds. Including Candida albicans infection, trichomonas infection, chlamydia infection, gonorrhea infection. What’s the effect of these four conditions on the fetus? Pregnant women due to vaginal secretions more and more sugar containing ingredients, Candida albicans is easy to breed, so pregnant women are particularly susceptible to Candida albicans, once infected, it is not easy to cure. Although Candida albicans infections do not cause much damage to the fetus, the baby’s mouth may be infected with ulcers that are commonly referred to as thrush”. Therefore, pregnant women have Candida infection, it is best to use drugs to control, so as not to pass through the birth canal when the baby was infected.

However, oral antibiotics may affect the fetus, so they can only be treated with vaginal suppositories and ointments. And the treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis usually use oral metronidazole, the effect is quite good, but may make the fetus deformed, so during pregnancy should not take. Some doctors believe that at the end of pregnancy, fetal organs can be taken while they are mature, and some doctors say it is best to wait for treatment after treatment. Pregnant women infected with Chlamydia, it is best to receive treatment, so as to avoid the fetus through the birth canal, the eye infection and injury. Today is the most effective drug treatment of Chlamydia tetracycline and erythromycin, the former may affect fetal teeth and bone, that is to say, the use of erythromycin is a good choice, and the sexual partner must receive treatment at the same time will heal. As for gonorrhea and Chlamydia infection, symptoms almost, may also be the fetus through the birth canal infection, therefore, it is better to accept the thorough treatment before production, if sexual partners also received penicillin therapy, the curative effect is better.

Pregnant women suffering from gynecological diseases, the impact on the fetus?

Pre pregnancy preparation is the basic condition of eugenics, if women have gynecological diseases during pregnancy may cause harm to the fetus. Next, let us understand the impact of various gynecological diseases on the fetus:

1, trichomonas vaginitis: after the second trimester of infection, increased preterm labor, premature rupture of membranes and puerperal infection. A few months after the birth of the newborn, there is the possibility of neonatal vulvitis and vaginitis. After the baby is infected, trichomonad can show latent parasitism state, when adolescence, because of the influence that increases by estrogen secretion, occurrence symptom.

2, fungal vaginitis: pregnancy infection, in addition to increasing the probability of puerperal infection, there is still the possibility of intrauterine infection. Newborns can be infected by the birth canal, and close contact after birth can also cause infections of the skin, intestines and vagina.

3, gonorrhea: early pregnancy with gonococcal cervical salpingitis, often lead to infectious abortion, late pregnancy to increase the brittleness of the membranes, resulting in premature rupture of membranes and amniotic cavity infection syndrome. The rate of premature delivery of pregnant women infected with gonococcus can reach 14%, and the newborn can be infected by gonococcal conjunctivitis through the birth canal infection.

4, bacterial vaginosis: pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis of maternal and child hazards are: abortion, premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery, amniotic fluid infection, postpartum endometritis, incision infection after cesarean section.

5, genital herpes simplex virus infection: early pregnancy infection can cause fetal malformations; 20 weeks before the infection, abortion rate of 34%. The rate of neonatal virus infection in vaginal delivery of pregnant women infected with the virus was 50%. The mortality rate of neonatal herpes infection is over 70%, mostly in the 4-7 days after birth, and died in 10-14 days because of deterioration of the whole body. Most of the survivors left the sequelae of central nervous system diseases.

6, condyloma acuminata: the disease is caused by human papilloma virus infection, and some women infected with the virus increased the risk of long-term cervical cancer. A large amount of virus in the mother’s blood during pregnancy can infect the fetus. The main risk of neonatal infection after birth canal infection is throat papillomatosis in adolescents.

7, Chlamydia trachomatis infection: 30%-40% infection during pregnancy, Chlamydia trachomatis will cause intrauterine infection, 50%-60% caused by the vertical transmission of the birth canal. For pregnant women can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, premature rupture of membranes, etc.. The fetus can cause stillbirth, stillbirth, and low birth weight. 25%-70% infected neonates with Chlamydia trachomatis produce conjunctivitis within two weeks after birth, and Chlamydia pneumoniae occurs within 3 months of birth in 10%-16%.

Learn how to keep your genitals fresh and let you get his head out of your head

According to the survey, men and women pay attention to women’s private appearance, smell, shape and so on when they are intimate. Beautiful, odorless privates can stimulate men’s desire to conquer, and will greatly enhance the quality of sexual love, and promote the feelings of both sides.

But women do not know enough about the maintenance of private parts. What should I do? Next, Xiao Bian told the female compatriots how to make the private parts more attractive.

1, postpartum private repair

Vaginal relaxation leads to lower quality of life in couples, which is also a problem for many postpartum mothers. As the mother in labor, pelvic muscles and ligaments will be fully extended, for the birth of the baby to prepare the birth canal. Therefore, whether natural childbirth or cesarean section of the mother, the vagina will have relaxation phenomenon.

For Wahaha exercise, can relax the body supine on the bed, and focus on the levator ani contraction movements; in particular, two legs buttocks, and abdominal muscles can not force; experience of pelvic floor muscle contraction movements, will shrink the action focused on the vagina and urethra, continue to repeat a shrinking one put the frequency; try to put two fingers into the vagina, pelvic floor muscle contraction of the vagina, fingers feel pressure; each exercise for 15 to 20 minutes.

2, do private intensive care before sex

Do the daily maintenance and cleaning is only the first step, to seize her husband’s heart, so he and you can get the best sexual experience, so the private care before sex is essential.

Before the sex, can make vulva smear a little nourishing spray, moisturizing, look more plump, tender and faint fragrance can effectively mask the odor, let the husband feel comfortable, thereby greatly enhancing the enthusiasm of sex.

3. Trim pubic hair regularly

Effect of pruning pubic hair is the most important to reduce friction, then can also be ventilated, there are people to wear bikinis and clipped or shaved. In addition, the pubic hair is clean and beautiful, not only visually appealing to the husband, but also easy to clean after sex.

In addition, shaving is one of the daily tasks for many husbands. The work of trimming pubic hair can also be done to the husband. Not only can the pruning effect be guaranteed, but also the interest of husband and wife can be enhanced.

4, regular private cleaning

Female private parts hidden, poor ventilation, often wearing jeans, tight pants and chemical fiber underwear, resulting in more sultry, causing a variety of bacteria a large number of breeding, resulting in indecent odor and dangerous. Moreover, the micro environment of weak acid skin privates pH value and other parts of the body, the protection function is vulnerable to damage such as sweat stain secretions, more delicate and sensitive. If you can not remove these dirt, it can not stop bacteria further development to the body, it can be said that the lack of private cleaning is the main cause of gynecological inflammation.

Improper use of sanitary napkins will cause gynecological diseases?

Many women are suffering from gynecological disease, which causes symptoms of gynecological disease there are many, but because of gynecological inflammation sanitary napkins in the menstrual period due to improper use is not in the minority, this is probably a large part of women did not notice. Sanitary napkins are indispensable to women every month, but because each person’s habits vary, how exactly to use is correct and healthy, we will bring you professional advice of experts.

Due to the improper use of sanitary napkins will lead to gynecological disease: pelvic inflammation, uterine inflammation, cervicitis and vaginitis, because these external environment are the same, so the structure of the female reproductive system is particularly vulnerable to external virus, especially during menstruation, reproductive organs resistance down, more than usual fragile, if use of substandard sanitary napkin is especially prone to infection.

The way to overcome it is to choose the product with good ventilation. At the same time, change it frequently. It’s better to change it two hours at a time. During menstruation, should not eat high fat, high calorie food, but instead of fruit, vegetables, beans, diet light, the body will also be relaxed.

Keep a distance from the sanitary pads

Two days before and after menstruation, travel, travel and other bath inconvenience, sanitary pad can be regarded as a convenient, practical and clean choice. Doctor Dante said, “sanitary pads should not be used at all times.”.”

The skin of the genitals is similar to the structure of the lips. In medicine, if the lips are damaged, a smart plastic surgeon can implant the skin of the genitals for reconstruction. For these two skins, the ideal environment is not too dry or too wet. Just think, our lips care, is it often wrapped it?”

The delicate skin needs a very breathable environment, if closed too tight, moisture accumulation, it is easy to breed bacteria, causing various health problems. The most ideal products is high woven cotton underwear, and change every day; if you use a sanitary napkin, don’t forget to choose permeability good products.”

Sanitary napkins should be replaced frequently

Menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria, so the sanitary napkin must be replaced diligently.”

There are two wrong ways:

First, the use of strong absorption, good protective function of sanitary napkins, it is assumed that the use of the same piece of sanitary napkin for a long time does not matter;

Two, when the amount of menstruation is small, forget to change.

One survey: Japanese women change 6 times a day on average during menstruation, compared with 3 for Chinese women.

The same as the Asian race, physical fitness should be no big difference, and China women due to the use of IUD in high proportion. The whole menstrual flow should be more large is.

Allergy with caution, drugs, sanitary napkins, regular manufacturers of sanitary napkins, raw materials are through special security testing, and has been used for many years. If an allergy occurs, usually due to our constitutional problems – it’s a good idea to follow someone who has a shrimp and crab allergy.

The only way is to prevent allergy allergen avoidance, so once the sensory stimulation, itching and discomfort, immediately discontinue the sanitary napkin, best can find the allergenic components (the most common is the essence of sanitary napkins), sanitary napkin containing the same ingredients are not reused.

Experts suggest: “skin sensitive people had better use less dry mesh surface, and more use of cotton mesh surface, dry mesh surface absorption fast, but the cotton mesh surface is more soft and comfortable, little irritation to the skin.”.” In addition, summer is more prone to allergies, this is because moisture accumulation in the local reasons, so we must pay attention to often change.”

What are infertility, infertility, and what items are included in the examination?

Why can’t you always be pregnant? What is the cause of female infertility? First of all, we should understand what infertility is Come to know what items are included in the infertility examination. In fact, infertility, that is, pregnant, the couple in a healthy situation, in the ovulation period, the same room has not been pregnant with the baby, hereinafter referred to as infertility. Infertility needs to be done as follows:

Female infertility examination items:

1, endocrine examination: no pathological changes of the female, can in the menstrual cycle eighth days begin B ultrasound monitoring egg cell growth and ovulation. When the previous examination is all right, check the anti endometrium antibodies, antisperm antibodies, and chromosome tests. Another need to examine the various levels of sex hormones, egg production and the formation of the menstrual cycle is regulated by a variety of endocrine hormones in women, if these hormones value high or low proportion is not normal, can lead to ovulation, luteal function, abnormal ovarian hyperstimulation abnormalities, resulting in infertility. These female infertility inspection items, measured out are very accurate.

2, hysteroscopy: can understand the endometrial condition, tubal patency. Experts say women should not blindly do oviduct is like pregnancy, a long time can let a person see hydrotubation, because of repeated liquid, contrast is not only conducive to the diagnosis and treatment, instead will cause infection and endometrial injury.

3, tubal examination: if the front of the gynecological examination are normal, you need to clean the menstrual period 3 to 5 days, do tubal tubal liquid inspection, this is the easiest way. If a fallopian tube is blocked, it needs treatment to make it unobstructed. This is also a common item for female infertility.

4, laparoscopy: the largest female sterility examination items, the cost is very high, but the accuracy is higher. The first visit is not suitable, but some of the examination is still unable to find out the cause, you can try. Laparoscopy can understand the situation of pelvic adhesion, and can also perform tubal patency test at the same time.

Male infertility examination items:

1 、 endocrine examination related to men: reproductive endocrine dysfunction affects male sexual function and reproductive function, which is an important cause of male infertility.

2. Seminal plasma biochemical examination: analysis of the chemical constituents of seminal plasma is helpful to understand the functions of epididymis, prostate and seminal vesicle. Patients have less semen, azoospermia and oligozoospermia, unexplained sperm motility decreased, accessory gland and accessory gland diseases such as congenital defects, for seminal plasma biochemical examination.

3, check the microbes associated with male infertility: genitourinary system infection often leads to male infertility, and genitourinary system infection related pathogens are bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, mycoplasma and chlamydia, gonorrhea, papilloma virus, adenovirus and Mycoplasma Chlamydia trachomatis are common.

4, prostate fluid examination: prostatitis can lead to male infertility. Examination of prostate fluid can provide the basis for the diagnosis of prostatitis.

5, check the genetics associated with male infertility: male chromosome and gene related to normal is to maintain normal reproductive function, chromosome and gene abnormality leads to abnormal sexual differentiation and (or) spermatogenesis disorder, which seriously affect reproductive function. Therefore, the abnormal sex differentiation or body had other genetic defects, azoospermia and severe oligozoospermia, a couple of genetic disease family history, habitual abortion do chromosome and gene examination, has a very important significance.

6, semen routine examination: This is the most basic and important clinical indicator of male fertility. The parameters of semen are the first thing physicians need to know.

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How long after natural abortion can you go to the same room, what does the reason that cause natural abortion have?

For the pregnant mothers who are determined to have children, the baby in the belly is a great spiritual sustenance. If one day the fetus in the womb naturally aborted, its physical and mental harm can be imagined. In order to forget their pain in unborn children, many women choose to be pregnant as soon as possible.

In fact, spontaneous abortion is from one perspective “reflects the survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection,” the laws of nature, more conducive to give birth to a healthy baby. How long will it take to stay in the same room after spontaneous abortion? How long can I have a baby?

How long after natural abortion can you go to the same room, what does the reason that cause natural abortion have?1

How long can I sleep together after natural abortion?

Generally speaking, after 30 days of natural abortion, do not consider the same room, so suggest that after a month of spontaneous abortion and then the same room. Note that the specific time but also with maternal recovery conditions, if the recovery of bad words to delay for a period of time, because of her in the uterus did not recover under the condition that the woman’s uterus during high shrinkage and produce massive bleeding, will cause some harm to the body.

Two, how long can spontaneous abortion children?

After natural abortion, women, uterus, ovary and other reproductive organs and the whole body have a recovery process. In addition, women after natural abortion is relatively weak, it will take some time to return to normal, if the pregnancy is too early, often due to lack of physical strength, poor nutrition and fetal dysplasia, and once again lead to spontaneous abortion.

Clinicians recommend that abortion take 2 menstrual cycles or more than 3 months to allow the uterus to be repaired for an extended period of time. Generally speaking, after the natural abortion, it is best to wait for six months later after the child, if there are special circumstances, at least 1 years after waiting to consider the child.

In addition after natural abortion decided to check children before the best couple went to the hospital to do eugenics, to see whether it is suitable for pregnant body now. The advantage is that it can avoid re abortion, reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications, and reduce the incidence. But if clinicians believe that, after natural abortion, endometrial exfoliation was relatively clean, do not need to do the operation, will not cause injury to the uterus, the uterus will soon recover, do not need to wait a few months to get pregnant again.

Three, the cause of spontaneous abortion

1. chromosomal abnormalities in couples

The embryo abortion, more than half of chromosomal abnormalities, repeated spontaneous abortion patients, they have a party with chromosomal abnormalities accounted for about 10%, therefore, the people of spontaneous abortion have a significant impact on the pregnancy.

How long after natural abortion can you go to the same room, what does the reason that cause natural abortion have?2

2. low progesterone results

Women are advised not to use cold water. Washing with cold water will have an effect on progesterone. After natural abortion wants to be pregnant, had better go to a hospital early, measure progesterone value. Pre pregnancy is required to do pre pregnancy examination.

Four, natural abortion is good or bad?

Spontaneous abortion is beneficial for eugenics, which prevents part of the development of abnormal and inherited diseases, the birth of the fetus, and the preservation of healthy fetuses. Therefore, couples who have had multiple miscarriages of nature should have their chromosomes checked to determine whether they are carriers of chromosomal abnormalities, so as not to affect their pregnancies after natural abortion. To professional maternity hospital for pre pregnancy examination, pregnancy examination, to listen to the recommendations of professional obstetricians and Gynecologists, is also necessary.

Five, after the abortion notice

1. pay attention to personal hygiene: clothes, shower, bath, swimming but not. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the genitals to prevent infection. Clothes should be loose, not tight belt. Usually wear flat shoes.

2. the law of life: living in peace and for, such as the morning of fresh air, appropriate activities, daily sleep for 8 hours, conditions allowed a nap, not too Yi (if not too sleepy too) and then lead to qi stagnation, dystocia; gas pains, failure, cause injury of fetal abortion. Develop regular habits of daily stools to ensure smooth stool, but avoid laxatives.

3. maintain good mood: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology researchers believe that abortion is pregnant because the brain cortex excitability caused by hyperthyroidism, proved the functional state of the nervous system plays a decisive role in pregnancy abortion, so the spirit must be comfortable, avoid all kinds of stimuli, using a variety of methods to eliminate stress, boredom, fear, to reconcile the emotions.

4. regular prenatal examination: prenatal care should be carried out regularly during the second trimester of pregnancy so that doctors can discover and deal with the abnormalities in time and guide the prenatal care

Is the pylorus stricture of the newborn serious, how does the pylorus stricture of the newborn treat?

Parenthood is the top priority for every couple, as parents hope that their children will always be healthy. But now, more and more diseases of the newborn, so many parents are worried about it.

The stomach is one of the body’s most important joke organs, and it can be fatal for babies if they show any abnormalities in the stomach. So what is a newborn pyloric stenosis? Let’s have a look.

Is the pylorus stricture of the newborn serious, how does the pylorus stricture of the newborn treat?1

Is the pyloric stenosis serious in the newborn?

First, what is neonatal pyloric stenosis?

Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (congenitalhypertrophicpyloricstenosis) is a relatively common malformation of the stomach in the newborn. The pylorus is an important part of the stomach and the only channel for stomach food. If the outlet of the stomach is too small, it may suffer from pyloric stenosis.

The disease is mostly male baby, male to female ratio of about 10:1. Because the food passes through difficulty, the child’s nutrition will have the serious barrier, if does not have the treatment, may cause the death.

This congenital abnormalities of pyloric sphincter hyperplasia, hypertrophy of pyloric 2-3cm long, 0.5-1cm thick, into spindle shaped tumor, hard; pyloric canal so significant stenosis, probe what only through the fine root, can cause gastric outlet obstruction. It is now believed that the disease is associated with degeneration of nerve cells in the intramural nerve plexus.

Two, the common symptoms of neonatal pyloric stenosis

1., the upper abdomen has a spherical bulge

As a result of the presence of pyloric stenosis, the newborn can see a spherical bulge in the upper abdomen before feeding or vomiting. It moves from the left rib to the right upper part of the umbilicus and disappears. The peristaltic wave is caused by stomach muscle contraction, so when gastric motility, with restless, crying. If the doctor take in fasting or soft abdomen with hand deep pressure right upper abdomen, about 80% patients in the lower margin of the liver palpable and an olive size as hard as cartilage mass, this is the hypertrophy of pylorus.

2. jet vomiting

Most newborns with pyloric stenosis appear vomiting at 2~3 weeks after birth. They vomit several times at first, but have no definite regularity. Later, with the increase of the degree of stenosis gradually developed, vomiting occurred soon after each feeding.

Vomiting is mainly curds, sometimes with gastric juice and stagnant food, the amount of vomiting may be greater than the amount of food consumed. The individual with severe vomiting due to gastric mucosal capillary rupture and hematemesis, vomit brown.

3. lose weight

Children with vomiting after soon because of hunger and eat, if neonatal pyloric stenosis is severe, it will then spit, so because of repeated or persistent vomiting and not eating, resulting in weight loss, malnutrition, decreased resistance, susceptible to infectious diseases.

Is the pylorus stricture of the newborn serious, how does the pylorus stricture of the newborn treat?2

Is the pyloric stenosis serious in the newborn?

Three, neonatal pyloric stenosis, how to treat?

If a baby is born a month, and sometimes will still severe vomiting, and weight is also significantly reduced, then only to the baby to drink syrup is incurable, the mother should take the baby to the hospital confirmed. To diagnose the disease, you can put barium in your baby’s stomach for X – rays. The only treatment is to perform an operation on the baby if it is determined to be caused by a hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

Usually the pylorus ring muscle incision is adopted, and the outlet is not obstructed. The disease is cured. Early is playing three holes from the stomach, a 5 mm, two 3 mm, is now using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, after surgery, the navel single hole, as long as the time is 15 minutes, after the suture, such as navel good long after not seeing any scar.

Children in general, 6 hours after surgery can start drinking water, usually second days can suck, smooth, 48 hours after surgery can be discharged. After the operation, the amount of milk increased gradually from the very beginning, each time 10-20ml, then gradually increased the amount of milk.

After the child leaves the hospital, the guardian also cannot let the child eat many, needs to increase gradually. Many parents are concerned about the wound. The usual wound is changed every 3 days and 7 days after the operation. If the wound heals well, you can take a normal bath about ten days after surgery.

Pregnant women iron, eat what good iron food, and bird’s nest can eat together?

Iron is one of the essential nutrients in human body. It has many functions, such as hematopoiesis, participation in the synthesis of blood protein and cytochrome, synthesis of various enzymes, transportation of oxygen and nutrients. Iron deficiency is the most immediate cause of iron deficiency anemia in the human body.

Pregnant women from the heart of the baby began to be a person to eat two people, the amount of food to eat both to provide their own, but also to provide the fetus. Iron deficiency is quite common among pregnant women. So what do pregnant women do when iron is taken?

Pregnant women iron, eat what good iron food, and bird's nest can eat together?1

Can iron food be eaten with bird’s nest?

First, pregnant women iron supplements recommended

1. yogurt

As a healthy food, the health benefits of yogurt have been widely recognized. And not just yogurt, and any fermented dairy product, including yogurt, contains lactic acid bacteria that can protect you in many ways. Research has shown that yogurt reduces the risk of breast cancer, irritative gastrointestinal syndrome, inflammation of the digestive system, and disorders of the stomach and intestines.

2. pumpkin seeds

100 grams of pumpkin seed contains 15 mg of iron, which meets 75% of the recommended daily dose of iron.

3. salmon

Salmon and mackerel fish not only contains heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, and iron quality food sources.

4. tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in trace elements. Among them, carotene, vitamin C and lycopene can fight sunlight and skin cancer. Nutritionists have shown that consuming 50 grams of -100 grams per day of fresh tomatoes per person can meet the body’s needs for several vitamins and minerals, and can also reduce the risk of heart disease and anti-aging effects. So as to bring you rosy, healthy and good complexion.

5. black fungus

Every 100 grams of black fungus contains 97.4 mg of iron, than iron in animal foods with the highest amount of liver was about 3 times higher, but the absorption rate of black fungus in contrast is low, and eating less. Therefore, black fungus is not an ideal supplement iron food, but black fungus and other human body needs health care ingredients.

6. oats

Oats are rich in soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, can absorb large amounts of cholesterol in the body, and excreted, minus the excess fat in the body. Among them, the rich linoleic acid can delay aging, and it also has auxiliary effect on fatty liver, diabetes, edema and constipation. Make a small bowl of cereal and mix it with a little honey.

7. animal liver

The liver is rich in nutrients and is the first choice for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Each 100 grams of pork liver contains 25 mg of iron, but also more easily absorbed by the body.

Pregnant women iron, eat what good iron food, and bird's nest can eat together?2

Can iron food be eaten with bird’s nest?

Two. Can iron supplements be eaten with bird’s nest?

The main ingredients of the bird’s nest is a water soluble protein and minerals, amino acids, pregnant women to eat the bird’s nest can also supplement iron, so the bird’s nest can eat together and iron food, but if it is iron agent, it is best to take 1-2 hours and separated from the bird’s nest.

In addition, it is suggested that pregnant women should be nutritious in their diet, not spicy or pungent, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Three, pregnant women iron other tips

1. cook dishes with an iron cooker

Try to use when cooking pots, shovels, these traditional cookers will produce some small pieces of iron dissolved in food when cooking food, the formation of soluble salts, easy to intestinal absorption of iron.

2. eat more food that is good for iron absorption

Fruits and vegetables can not only iron, vitamin C can also promote the absorption of iron in the intestine. Therefore, while eating rich iron food, it is best to eat more fruits and vegetables together, and also have a good effect on iron supplementation. Mother’s best egg and meat at the same time, improve the utilization of iron in eggs. Or eggs and tomatoes, vitamin C in tomatoes can increase iron absorption.