Be pregnant during the holidays

Be pregnant during the holidays? That is to say, during menstruation, will husband and wife sexual life be pregnant?. To be exact, women are not pregnant when they are in the menstrual period. But during the menstrual period, the cavity of the uterus forms extensive fresh wounds. If you have sex at this time, you may bring the germs into your skin and cause inflammation of your genitals

Five bad consequences brought by the same period:

One is because the excitement, will make the insertion of the penis into the female genital congestion, cause menorrhagia, menostaxis; two is the sexual intercourse, the male genitalia may put bacteria into the vagina, blood is a good training base for bacteria and other microorganisms, easy to breed bacteria, the endometrial in tiny wound and rupture of small blood vessels the spread of infection, even involving the endometrium, fallopian tube and pelvic organs, so as to bring unnecessary trouble to the woman; three is menstrual secretions into the male urethra, may also cause urethritis; four is the period of the same room, meeting for sperm in endometrial damage and overflow of blood cells, even into the blood that can induce the generation of antisperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility, infertility. Five is menstruation during the same room, due to sexual impulse contraction of the uterus, but also the endometrial fragments into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to infertility. Therefore, for women’s health and reproductive health, no matter what the circumstances, menstrual intercourse should be prohibited.


How to restore sexual life after birth?

How do you recover your sexual life after birth? Some women after confinement for a long time, the body recovered well, caesarean section of the wound is also early, but found himself completely lost interest in sex. Husbands complain a lot, and data show that about 50% of women have sex problems after birth. There are many factors that affect post natal sexual life. The wound has healed so long that it can remove the cause of the pain and worry about the infection, but there may be other reasons. In addition to physical factors, some of the following suggestions may enlighten you.

1., parents and lovemaking are required to learn, need time, energy, patience, need to overcome difficulties, need to gradually adapt and innovation.

2., women are not men, sometimes standing on their own positions, it is difficult to understand the importance of sexual life to the husband, clarify misunderstandings, mutual understanding, and find a constructive solution.

3., women are not interested in sex for a long time, or because of excessive care of their children and neglect their husbands, it will seriously affect the feelings of husband and wife, lead to extramarital love, and into the vicious circle of deterioration of relations, so as to prevent as soon as possible.

4., sexual desire does not necessarily have to make love, a lot of time decided to do, and in the process of doing it will be more desire.

In addition, there are several reasons that women may lose their interest in sexual life after confinement, such as fear of pregnancy, child care, hard work, family conflicts, emotions and so on. In addition, postpartum depression is a common cause of sexual decline, although multiple days postpartum, but also often relapse after one year.

August is the best month of pregnancy

With the improvement of living standards, with family planning, a family can only give birth to one or two children, and now the improvement of living standards makes people become more and more particular about what they do. In particular, better preparation is needed before the next generation is born, and many mothers and fathers will choose an optimal pregnancy time or pregnancy month before conception. But which month is the best month of pregnancy for twelve months a year? According to the research results of experts, the Mid Autumn Festival in August is the best month for pregnancy.

Why choose August, because in the early pregnancy 40 to 60 days of pregnancy, just in September or October, pregnant women are poor appetite, love food, but now a variety of vegetables and fruits, can regulate appetite, protect the nutritional needs of the fetus. After two or three months in late autumn, cool climate, increasing appetite for pregnant women, is very beneficial to the growth of fetus.

The sunshine, pregnant women often bask in the sun, the body can produce a lot of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, bones contribute to fetal growth. Between August and September and coincided with the heat effect of nocturnal sleep by pregnant women, pregnant women intake rest, nutrition and vitamins are relatively full, conducive to the development of the fetal brain after birth and intellectual development. The snowy winter and warm spring carrying influenza, rubella, meningitis and other virus gate when fetal gestational age has been more than 3 months, had a good teratogenic.

Moreover, the corresponding expected date of childbirth is around May next year. When delivery is late spring and early summer, temperatures, breastfeeding, baby shower is not easy to catch a cold, vegetables, fish, eggs and other non-staple food supply is also very rich, maternal appetite is good, milk nutrition is rich, is the best season of confinement “. To ensure the quality of breast milk and infant clothing for traveling light, little limbs freely, beneficial to the brain and body development. After the child’s full moon, the season has been summer, the trees become overcast, fresh air, sunny enough for outdoor sunbathing and air bath.

In addition, embryonic development has three critical periods: one is the formation of the brain, that is, third months of conception; two is the period of brain cell division; sixth months after conception; three, during the period of cell development coordination, seventh to 9 months of conception. If you choose between August and September and third, pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth sixth months are in suitable climate and nutrition for the deployment of late autumn, spring season, the nervous system of the fetus can get good development.

?? And data shows, in December 7 a year for a birth peak season, from 4 to June is the off-season, which has a close relationship with the people the choice of marriage. Influenced by traditional ideas, many people arrange marriage on New Year’s day, Spring Festival and national day, and get pregnant immediately after they get married. At a time when the cold or the late autumn and early winter when the temperature changes, is a viral disease prone season, during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, viral infection easily lead to fetal malformation.

Yes, of course, in most of the central and northern parts of china. The climate conditions in China are very different, should not be applied mechanically to consider. For example, in the southern region where the temperature difference is not strong enough, we can choose the suitable season pregnancy according to the local epidemic situation and the nutrition supply condition. For example, the northern election in August and September, the southern election around June.

?? In addition, winter outdoor activities relatively few opportunities, the doors and windows closed, indoor air is not fresh, such as indoor heating stove, while higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air, so that pregnant women in early pregnancy fetal abnormality rate rise, thus increasing birth defects. Therefore, married couples should avoid becoming pregnant during the winter.

?? January is 39 or 49 days, when the winter, at this time is not suitable for delivery. The puerpera is in lactation, when bathing or changing to the baby, if have not very good condition, prevent cold, keep warm, easy catch cold, cold. Newborn babies are also less susceptible to cold, and diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections and pneumonia may follow.

?? January is 39 or 49 days, when the winter, at this time is not suitable for delivery. The puerpera is in lactation, when bathing or changing to the baby, if have not very good condition, prevent cold, keep warm, easy catch cold, cold. Newborn babies are also less susceptible to cold, and diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections and pneumonia may follow.

Winter is not suitable for pregnancy, because the northern winter fresh vegetables and fruits are relatively scarce, so that the relative intake of trace elements and vitamins less, it is easy to affect fetal growth and development. Moreover, the northern climate is very cold in winter, there are more opportunities to go viral infection. As you know, in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is infected by the virus, which can directly affect the fetus and cause mental retardation or deformity in the fetus. ??

? ?

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?

Breastfeeding is one of the most popular forms of feeding, not only beneficial to the baby’s healthy development, but also to prevent breast disease.

In the process of feeding the baby, many mothers have found that the baby has the phenomenon of nipple biting, so that new mothers are very depressed. So why does the baby bite mommy’s nipples? Take a look at the reasons for baby bites nipples and ways!

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?1

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

1., do not get used to suck artificial pacifiers

Some mothers feed in a mixed way, both breast fed and formula fed. If the baby is accustomed to breastfeeding, then change into powder feeding, the baby may be not used artificial nipple sucking, and when to breastfeed, a sense of belonging, the baby to the mummy’s nipple is more dependent on, may bite to express and relieve the mood.

The solution: after the bite, pause the baby first, give the baby gum, and tell him in a solemn tone, “this can bite, and Mommy’s nipples don’t bite.”.” Although the baby can not speak, but there are some words he can understand. Repeat this several times, and the baby will no longer bite the nipple.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?2

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

2. lack of milk

Because of the lack of milk, the baby may not be able to suck enough milk to get the satisfaction of the body, so the baby will suck harder and even bite mommy’s nipples. If there is not enough milk, the baby may cry.

Solution: breast milk and milk alternating feeding, to ensure adequate baby milk.

3. stuffy nose.

If your baby has a stuffy nose, it might bite mommy’s nipples. Baby nose, not smooth comfortable breathing, wheezing to mouth breathing, may want to bite the mummy’s nipple.

Solution: pay attention to keep your baby warm and prevent cold and runny nose. If you have a cold, should stand up, help the baby breathe smoothly, relieve discomfort.

4. baby gums itch

When the baby started teething gums are itching and pain, and the baby and no other method can alleviate the discomfort, so just bite the mother’s nipples.

If the baby is because want to bite and bite the gums sore nipples, can buy him a molar stick or gutta percha non-toxic, to relieve the gum swollen feeling. Cold gum, radishes, frozen apple slices or handkerchiefs can also help relieve the baby’s discomfort.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?3

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

How to avoid baby biting nipples

1. keep your feeding environment quiet

When feeding, it is best to find a quiet, less affected corner to feed. As a result, you can avoid the baby attracted by the external environment, suddenly turn and pull to the nipple, or else mother’s nipple will be very vulnerable.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?4

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

2. pay attention to your baby’s sucking movements

Try to stay alert when you are eating, and when your baby is half full, you may want to pay attention to whether your baby’s sucking movements change. Usually when the baby sucking breasts, will be a big mouth to contain the whole areola, if the baby will be slightly loose mouth, nipple direction of sliding, we should pay attention to, to change the baby’s posture, to avoid nipple bite.

3. noses

If the baby wants to bite the nipple, it can gently close the baby’s head to the breast and gently block his nose. In this way, the baby instinctively opens his mouth to breathe. So a few times later, the baby will understand that biting the nipple will lead to discomfort, it will no longer bite.

Zhejiang divorced woman and dog sexual intercourse 2 days can not pull out (map)

To say that sexual intercourse sex is generally between similar and what will happen, but the world is big, Nothing is too strange. There are also people and dogs mating case, you say this is what kind of thing. There is a woman and dog sexual intercourse lead to pull out, the best can only pull out 120 for help, only to be separated. Zhejiang Jiaxing wangjiangjing a divorced woman stuck at home with what happened when the dog dog sex, genital out in her vagina, the woman made still cannot be separated, exhaust all the skills, after two days, had to call 120 for help, and finally in Jiaxing the doctor’s help to solve.

The news was so odd that when the woman made love with the dog she got stuck, and one card was two days. The dog and the dog stuck is normal, this is decided by the special structure of the dog. I remember when I was a child, I would always see a dog on the street, and I would play with a couple of dogs with a little brick.

However, the more they were away, the chain together, but also not stop crying. People and people who are stuck in love rarely seem to hear it, but it can not be ruled out. I remember the primary school table, the girl’s parents had a blocking event, and finally two people were wrapped up carried to the hospital. To that end, we often laugh at that girl.

It’s the first time a woman has sex with a dog. I also checked it online, and in theory, it’s normal for women to get stuck if they really have sex with dogs. Dogs love is much higher than the frequency, intensity is large, it is easy to make a woman satisfied with the physiological orgasm. When the climax comes, then the body must have a great response, this reaction will make the vagina shrink dramatically.

In the contract, the word dog under the intense stimulation, spherical sponge glans in front of the immediate congestion and rapid expansion, the circumference increased about 1 times than the original, so stuck and lock, so can not prolapse. But generally as long as ejaculation, you can take out, the most was stuck one or two hours, did not hear that there are two days. But it’s hard to say, since there are women in the world who have sex with dogs, why shouldn’t they be stuck for two days?

In this matter, I wonder, funny at the same time, more thinking, and also wrote this article might be castigated. But in fact, when I heard this really happening around me, I suddenly had a lot of questions. Why more women start from dogs, mini pet dog, big dog?

Why do some women look noble, elegant and rich, often holding a rare dog, and sometimes kiss with a dog, and then ambiguous call “baby” or even “husband”? I also think that, in this age of absence of opportunity, why do women not seek men, but are willing to have sex with dogs? Incredible, but in fact, this kind of thing does happen, remember a few days ago also heard a woman and dog affectionate, was animal attack it bite the private parts, and finally sent to the hospital, almost lost his life.

I remember not long ago the “Hunan famous reporter was raise a Babel of criticism of” sodomy “the rich have become sex slaves,” the woman angrily reports abnormal claims ten million news Fupo Liu Qiang, according to a Li Jiangyun said, she is elegant, charming appearance and personality, self-cultivation, but even with her German dog “dodo” sex. As you can imagine, in the dark private world, there are a lot of pet dog women and these beasts, there are many unknown ugly story.

When a woman has sex with a dog, I feel more sorrow for mankind, sorrow for women, and sorrow for us men. Sometimes we men don’t even have a dog. When we can not to those beautiful, noble and rich woman and they derided “damn”, but found that many of these women really is a dog. So, what makes women want to be dog day? I think there are always N reasons.

Perhaps loneliness, the need for spiritual comfort. People are not really close to each other. In this world, many people live alone. Although they are in a busy place, they can not communicate with each other. Often in the middle of the night to see when her husband dragged his exhausted body back, then lying on the side, but never had a heart to heart talk. Besides giving you enough money to make you live a comfortable material life, less than a dozen simple conversations a day, what else? There are many men and women around you, but you still can’t find a real friend. After all, lead a gay life joy, the heart is still wandering.

At this time, the loyal dog is waiting for you at home, will not abandon you, it always gentle and love to look at you, listen. Even if you give it a few feet when you’re in a bad mood, it still crawls gently beneath your feet. In this solitude, you become good friends with your dog and tell him the most secret thing in your heart. And it will listen to the side, gently barking a few times, and then gently scratch your hungry skin, so that you feel the unusual warmth, and thus a spiritual comfort. At this point, the dog is your best friend.

May be disappointed, the need for physical satisfaction. In this world, men are really too disappointing for women. This kind of disappointment not only manifests in the emotion not to be single-minded, but also manifests in the sexual incompetence. Many men, life will do two things to get money, to get a woman. When they make a woman out there, they must miss the woman at home.

Therefore, we often see idle and rich women often lead the precious dogs, but can not see them holding big belly fat husband. You may want to say, can not hold her husband’s hand, and do not have to lead the dog ah, is there no other men in the world to let you lead?. This is not a lot of men, but there are a few are worthy of your heart and a long time to lead it?

And that is another man, which can be like a dog like holding free, holding and holding them? Besides, when men lead you, you’re just a goal. When they get it, you’re still abandoned. Only the dog in the family is the most loyal, the most special situation.

It’s not unusual for women to have sex with animals. Chinese ancient text has been recorded, such as the Qing Chu was one of the “Kennedy Panhu” lead “by” the sequel Wenhai said: “the wife and dog pan hu. King Han Guangchuan palace and the characters to bare. The Emperor Ling Park Lane with people in dogs. A woman is better than a sheep. Peixian women and donkeys.

Du Xiuqi, Xue, and the dog. Song Wendi, Wu Xingmeng Huidu and maidservants in dog. The female goose and an LP chapter. Turkic ancestors and wolves cross. Wei Luo female with the British and Phoenix cross. Women and horse traders Shi shaanxi. The Song dynasty women and the monkey.” “There are women and dogs in Ling’an,” she added. The woman and her ass. Jingchu woman and fox cross…… The world is big, have all?”

In ancient Egypt worship Taurus (striped black bull) of the wind, then the girls have the nakedness to Taurus, this is a religion of their responsibilities. In European yellow discs, the mating of humans and animals is also common. Remember the first time I saw these, convulsed with fear, but now I know, for the Europeans, this is an old custom.

What is normal leucorrhoea (what kind of leucorrhoea is what)?

What is leucorrhoea? What is a normal leucorrhea like? In puberty, the ovaries begin to develop and secrete estrogen to promote the development of reproductive organs, and then leucorrhea begins to appear. Leucorrhea is a sticky white liquid flow out from the vagina of women, which is composed of Bartholin’s gland, cervix gland, endometrial secretions and vaginal mucous exudate, exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells and mixed.

What is a normal leucorrhea like?

Normal vaginal discharge should be white or colorless, transparent, slightly fishy smell or odor; its secretion, texture by estrogen, progesterone influence the level, with the menstrual cycle and the amount less, quality of thin thick periodic variation. General menstrual period leucorrhea less.

What is a normal leucorrhea like?

Early pregnancy test paper, ectopic pregnancy is not reliable, ah, not reliable!

What is ectopic pregnancy? Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy outside the uterus. It is a particularly dangerous pregnancy phenomenon. If not found in time, it is likely to cause life risk. Early pregnancy tests are the safest, simplest, and most common way women use early pregnancy tests. So, can I use an early pregnancy test to test an ectopic pregnancy? Many women have a smattering of knowledge about the subject.

Here, the women’s health network Xiaobian will introduce you to ectopic pregnancy whether you can use early pregnancy test paper to test, and ectopic pregnancy after what symptoms or manifestations, so that you early detection and early treatment.

Can the test paper of ectopic pregnancy be measured?

Ectopic pregnancy can be measured with the test paper? On this issue, gynecological hospital experts, ectopic pregnancy with normal pregnancy as a history of menopause, whether ectopic pregnancy or normal pregnancy, pregnancy test can measure positive. But must pay attention, can only be measured out of pregnancy, and can not be diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.

The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy should depend on B ultrasound to see whether the bed of the gestational sac can be diagnosed in the uterus. If ectopic pregnancy rupture, there will be abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding and so on. Ectopic rupture of pregnancy with severe abdominal pain, which requires menstruation and threatened abortion is distinguished.

Recognize the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy is very helpful for the diagnosis

1, menopause

In addition to interstitial pregnancy, menopause time is longer, mostly menopause 6~8 weeks, usually after menopause abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other ectopic pregnancy early symptoms. However, about 20% of patients complained of no history of amenorrhea.

2, abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of the patient. Abdominal pain is caused by many factors, such as enlargement of fallopian tube, rupture and blood stimulation of peritoneum. In the rupture, the patient feels pain in one side of the lower abdomen, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

If the blood is limited to the lesion, manifested as abdominal pain; accumulation of blood in the rectouterine pouch, anus bulge; excessive bleeding, blood flow to the abdominal pain by pelvic, abdominal is spread to the whole abdomen; diaphragmatic blood stimulation, can cause the radioactive pain.

3, vaginal bleeding

After the embryo dies, often has the irregular vagina hemorrhage, the color dark brown, the quantity is few, generally does not exceed the menstruation quantity, but dripping wet not clean.

4 syncope and shock

Due to acute intra-abdominal hemorrhage, can cause severe abdominal pain and reduce the volume of blood will often have syncope, severe shock, and the amount of bleeding is proportional to the speed and severity of abdominal bleeding, bleeding is more acute, more serious symptoms more quickly, but with the amount of vaginal bleeding is not proportional.

Menstruation is delayed, 10 days have not come, how to do? How many days is menstruation deferred normal?

Menstruation is delayed, 10 days have not come, how to do? How many days is menstruation deferred normal? In fact, the reasons for the delay in menstruation can be divided into two cases, one is the cause of menstruation delay due to menstruation, two is pregnant, leading to menstruation does not come.

Normal female menstrual cycle is usually 28~30 days. Advance or delay is still within 7 days of normal range, the length of the cycle varies from person to person. However, if you do not have a period of 7 days later, your menstruation will be delayed.

There are many methods of treatment, menstruation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine treatment, but still suggest that traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine treatment of the side effect is small, curative effect is better than western medicine. Xiaoyao Tiaojing paste, a topical agent black plaster to treat female irregular menstruation.

The effect of Xiaoyao Tiaojing paste female menstruation is excellent. It is to clear the body meridians, regulate the balance of yin and Yang through the vein, spleen kidney tonifying liver, so that the female uterus vitality. This plaster and blood stasis, cold coagulation, in addition to moisture, accelerate the blood circulation to the female uterus, menstrual blood smooth, the normal menstruation.

If the former (i.e. menstruation) that can take the women’s health network Xiaobian introduced above treatment, if not menstruation due to delayed menstruation, then the likelihood of pregnancy is very big. Then you need to buy a pregnancy test paper to test if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, then there will be two red lines on the test paper. If it is one, it means you are not pregnant. The delay of menstruation has not been 10, and it has been tested accurately.

What is the reason that menstruation is little, what reason can cause menstruation to decrease?

What is the reason that menstruation is little? What causes menstrual loss? In clinical medicine, menstruation is a gynecological disease, then, menstruation is exactly why? The expert points out, the cause of menstruation, there are a lot of patients generally found in their menstruation situation, do not blindly without medication, to go to a regular hospital, only to find the cause is the key.

If the blood is too small, it will usually examine the blood, examine FSH, LH, estrogen, prolactin, progesterone, and determine whether it is the hormone in the ovary or the pituitary gland. Secondly, basal body temperature mapping was performed to see if ovulation or progesterone deficiency was present. Ultrasonography can also be used to detect endometrial thickness and ovulation. If it is caused by uterine adhesions caused by cervical obstruction, the uterus can be separated from the uterus into the contraceptive device, and then hormone treatment for 3 months. If progesterone is insufficient, progesterone can be added or treated with ovaries. Relax, reduce the pressure of life, but also help normal menstruation.

Syndrome differentiation

The disease is divided into four types: blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, blood stasis and phlegm dampness.

Blood deficiency

Menstruation is a bit pale or net, dizziness, palpitation, weakness, pale complexion, abdominal empty fall. The tongue is light and the pulse is thin.

Kidney deficiency

By less color, light, backache, knees soft, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, frequent urination. Weak tongue, weak pulse.

Stasis of blood

After less colored purple, there is a small clot, abdominal pain, refused to press, the blood clot discharged after pain reduction. The tongue is purple and dark, and the pulse is unsmooth.

Phlegm dampness

Menstruation, color is reddish, sticky matter such as sputum, body fat, chest tightness, nausea, with sticky. The tongue is fat, fur white, greasy and slippery.

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