Two major causes of cervical hypertrophy

The so-called cervical hypertrophy is a chronic cervicitis.

The causes of cervical hypertrophy in clinic are mainly:

1, chronic inflammation, long-term stimulation, cervical congestion and edema, cervical gland and stromal hyperplasia, resulting in varying degrees of hypertrophy of the cervix.

2, in the deep cervical glands may occur mucus retention, forming a cyst of varying sizes, so that the cervix becomes hypertrophy.

What is the cause of polycystic ovary syndrome?

What is polycystic ovary syndrome? It has menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, anovulation, hirsutism, obesity, infertility, bilateral enlargement of the ovary, cystic change, which is called polycystic ovary syndrome. The patient may have the above typical symptoms, or only some of the symptoms, but because of ovulation disorders and infertility, is the main clinical manifestation of polycystic ovary syndrome.

What is the cause of polycystic ovary syndrome?

At present, the medical community believes that the cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is not clear, the disease is mainly related to genetic factors and environmental factors. Often because of mental stress, abuse of drugs or other diseases caused by factors, mainly manifested in ovarian follicles can not mature, can not ovulation, and the formation of cystic follicles, and finally become polycystic ovary. With chronic anovulation, amenorrhea, or menstrual thinning, infertility, obesity, hirsutism and increased polycystic ovary as clinical characteristics of the comprehensive syndrome, currently found in professional women, especially senior white-collar workers, the incidence is extremely high. The diagnosis can be confirmed by B-mode ultrasonography and hormone levels, as well as by laparoscopy.

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How does dysmenorrhoea do, solve the method that solves dysmenorrhoea quickly?

Dysmenorrhea how to do, quick solution? Obstetrics and Gynecology experts found that women in the menstrual period, every night before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk with honey, can reduce or eliminate menstrual discomfort. Originally, the two minerals potassium and magnesium, milk potassium content, and honey is magnesium rich ore”.

Research shows that potassium for the solidification process of nerve impulse transmission, blood and function of all cells in the body are very important, it can ease the mood, inhibit the pain, prevent infection, and reduce the amount of menstrual blood loss; magnesium can help active substances, with the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain’s neural hormone maintained in normal level. In the late menstrual period, magnesium can also play a role in regulating the psychological, help the body relax, relieve tension, reduce stress. Experts remind honey acacia honey, such as the product of an Tang Yang Huaihua, good quality.

The following describes several recipe to keep you from dysmenorrhea: one, to believe dysmenorrhea can be cured. Live a regular life, and assure plenty of sleep. Don’t wash your hair and feet with cold water.

1, date: motherwort motherwort 15 grams, jujube 30 grams of brown sugar amount after taking decoction, one dose daily, sooner or later.

2, massage: the patient lying on the bed, first hands rub, and then hands in the lower abdomen, first from top to bottom massage 60 ~ 100 times, and then from left to right massage 60 ~ 100 times, finally turn round massage 60 times, with local skin ruddy and advisable, daily one time in the morning.

3, application: Aconitum, Aconitum 5 grams were fine, onion juice, honey and apply less abdominal pain at 2 ~ 3 hours. Once daily.

4, acupuncture: dysmenorrhea before or when the attack is the best time to acupuncture. Acupoint selection to the spleen by the main machine, Xuehai, Sanyinjiao, needle for 1 hours. Once a day, 1~3 times to relieve pain. Lynch three menstrual cycles can be cured.

5, dysmenorrhea when eating a banana, bananas are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin B6 has the role of stabilizing nerves, can stabilize the menstrual unrest in women, but also help to improve sleep and reduce abdominal pain..

The 1 balanced diet

Budov doctor said: “most women omitted meals, eat sweets and salty foods in excess. Although a healthy diet does not eliminate dysmenorrhea, it has magical effects on improving overall health. Avoid sweet or salty junk food. They can make you feel sluggish and sluggish. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, and try to eat as little as possible.

The 2 took vitamin

Budov physicians pointed out that many of his patients after moderate daily intake of vitamins and minerals, has occurred less dysmenorrhea. He recommends taking a combination of vitamins and minerals, preferably calcium and low in doses, which you can take several times a day (after meals).

3 – added minerals

Calcium, potassium and magnesium minerals can also help relieve dysmenorrhea. Experts found that women who took calcium were less likely to suffer pain than those who did not. Magnesium is also important because it helps the body absorb calcium efficiently. It is possible to increase calcium and magnesium intake on the eve of menstruation and during the period.

The 4 avoid caffeine

Caffeine in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate can make you nervous and may cause discomfort during menstruation. Therefore, caffeine should be avoided. In addition, coffee contains fat may also stimulate the small intestine.

The 5 prohibition

If you are prone to edema during menstruation, alcohol will exacerbate this problem. Don’t drink. If you must drink, limit between 1 and 2 glasses of wine.

We do not use diuretics

Many women think diuretics reduce menstrual swelling, but doctor de la la opposes it. Diuretics remove vital minerals, together with water, from the body. It may be possible to reduce the retention of substances such as salt and alcohol, the doctor suggests.

The 6 keep warm

Keeping your body warm will accelerate the circulation of the blood and relax your muscles, especially the spastic and congested pelvic areas. Drink plenty of herbs tea or hot lemon juice. Can also be placed in the abdomen hot pad or thermos bottle, a few minutes.

The 7 global mineral bath

Add 1 cups of sea salt and 1 sodium bicarbonate to the warm water jar. Soaking for 20 minutes helps relax muscles and relieve pain.

The 8 movement

Especially on the eve of menstruation, walking or engaging in other moderate exercise will make you more comfortable during menstruation.

The 9 yoga exercises

Yoga also has a moderating effect. Examples are as follows. Bend your knees and sit on your heels. The forehead is attached to the ground, arms extended against both sides of the body. Hold the pose until you feel uncomfortable.

The 10 use of painkillers

Aspirin and acetaminophen can relieve dysmenorrhea. However, more effective proprietary medicines include Advil, Haltran, Medipren, and Nuprin. These drugs contain ibuprofen, which inhibits prostaglandin action. When the pain begins, take 1 tablets with milk or food, so as not to hurt the stomach and continue to take it away.

How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? The treatment of dysmenorrhea 6 free small recipe

Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common menstrual diseases in most adolescent girls. It is also one of the common gynecological diseases. Dysmenorrhea serious how to do? How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? Dysmenorrhea how to do, quickly solve it? Today, women’s health network Xiaobian for you to introduce effective treatment of dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea female 6 free small recipe, if you eat every day the pain is not good, can’t sleep it, so it is worth a few small recipe you try oh.

1, watch comedy relax the brain

When we are absorbed in the film, a large amount of endorphins are produced in the body that cut off pain signals and temporarily relieve pain. Once pleasurable, the body releases dopamine and activates the brain cell membrane to function as a pain killer.

2. Learn the cobra movement

Can strengthen the abdominal muscles and bear the pain when the contraction of the uterus, there is a mild effect. To avoid the blood flow velocity, relieve abdominal discomfort.

3, keep yourself warm

Heating your body by drinking hot water and wearing more clothes can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood flow, contract contractions of the uterine muscles, and relieve pain.

4, maintain a low hip high posture

Dysmenorrhea, kneeling on the bed, raise the buttocks, keep the high low hip posture can improve the uterine retroversion position, convenient blood outflow, relieve pelvic congestion, relieve pain and low back discomfort.

5. Crawl slowly

It can relieve the pain during the contractions and relax the abdominal muscles. By crawling slowly, you can practice breathing to relieve dysmenorrhea.

6, more vegetarian

Studies have found that low-fat diets such as vegetables and legumes can change the binding hormone globulin in the body, thereby reducing the synthesis of substances causing dysmenorrhea. Especially soy, which is rich in a plant estrogen, is most effective in suppressing dysmenorrhea.

If you try this torture by dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea several recipe, of course, if you have very severe unbearable or dysmenorrhea accompanied by fever and other symptoms, lump or blood, not to spend money on these dysmenorrhea nostrum is not resolved, should see a doctor immediately.

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Dessert beauty, please note! Excess sugar or lingering vaginitis

Women love sweets, not only can make the body fat, but also easy to get gynecological inflammation, the most common is vaginitis. The clinical findings, many suffering from Candida vaginitis women’s blood sugar or glucose was higher than the normal level, and most of the patients in the control of sweets intake, mycotic vaginitis infection and attack also reduced.

Eat a lot of sugar, lingering vaginitis

According to reports, Candida vaginitis is a common reproductive disease in women, about 75% of women have suffered at least once in their lives. The patient often has the vulva, vaginal itching, burning, or even feel restless, and accompanied by frequent urination, painful urination and sexual pain and other symptoms, its typical characteristic is the leucorrhea thick, with curd or tofu like.

There are many causes of vaginitis, such as the decline of their resistance, sexual transmission, abuse of antibiotics, diabetes and so on. The most overlooked is that some seemingly harmless habits, such as wearing tight chemical fiber underwear, eating sweets can induce or exacerbate vaginitis. Experts pointed out that Candida vaginitis often lingering, easy to repeated attacks. Many patients after the disease pay attention to vaginal cleaning and medication, but do not know the private parts of the disease, but because of the disaster from the mouth, can not resist the sweet snacks, often to the Secret Garden brings endless troubles.

Blood and urine glucose is high, can suffer from various gynecological diseases

There was a close relationship between glucose intake and Candida infection. Both men and women eat too many sweets are easily lead to high blood sugar or glucose, for women, the vaginal epithelial cells of sugar will increase, resulting in high glucose environment nutrition raw Candida blooms, which appeared candidal vaginitis.

On the other hand, long-term eating sweets will inevitably lead to obesity, female friends should pay attention to is that obesity can cause amenorrhea, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, and even cause the sex hormone regulating function disorder, cause low sexual desire in women. If you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, it will speed up obesity.

Eat more probiotic foods, low sugar dairy products

Candida vaginitis patients should pay attention to enhance immunity, proper exercise, it is recommended to eat more probiotic foods, low sugar dairy products, lactic acid bacteria are beneficial to curb vaginitis recurrence. Persistent or recurrent patients, during the onset to manage their mouth, in the standard treatment at the same time, “ban” dessert.

Healthy women avoid eating large amounts of sweets, which can reduce the risk of vaginitis, and should avoid using liquid medicine, water to wash the vagina. If you don’t take medicines appear vulva, vaginal itching, itching for many reasons, such as various kinds of vaginitis (Candida, trichomonas and bacterial), recommended to the regular hospital treatment, otherwise easily lead to recurrent attacks and drug resistance, more difficult to treat.

Shot in vitro, will you get pregnant?

In vitro ejaculation is also a form of contraception, but this method of contraception is less crowded because of its low safety. This is because in vitro ejaculation may leave a small number of sperm in the vagina which can not flow out, resulting in the possibility of pregnancy. So, in general, if it is in the non security period of husband and wife sex life, so the use of this method of contraception is very dangerous, in order to avoid abortion, in order to female health, please choose other relatively safe contraceptive method tired

The early symptoms of breast cancer are breast lumps, breast pain, and nipple discharge

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies in women. So, do you know what early symptoms of breast cancer are? According to statistics, the incidence of 7-10% of all kinds of malignant tumors of the whole body. Its incidence is often related to heredity, and the incidence rate of women between 40 and 60 years old and before and after menopause is higher

The early symptoms of breast cancer are characterized by:

1, some patients with early breast cancer in the breast has not yet clear can touch the masses, but often have local discomfort, especially in postmenopausal women sometimes feel mild pain, breast discomfort, or side shoulder heavy, soreness, and even led and the side of the upper arm.

2, early breast can touch the size of broad bean lump, more hard, can move. Generally no obvious pain, a small number of array

Of pain, dull pain or tingling.

3, breast shape changes: visible bump skin bulge, and some local skin is orange peel shape, and even edema, discoloration, eczema like changes.

4, the nipple near the center, accompanied by nipple retraction. Breast skin has mild depression (medically called “dimple disease”), nipple erosion, nipple asymmetry, or breast thickening of the skin thickening, pores increased (medically known as “orange peel disease”).

5 nipple discharge: when the overflow is bloody and bloody, special attention should be paid to further examination.

6, regional lymph node enlargement, with the same side axillary lymph node enlargement most. Supraclavicular lymph node enlargement is advanced.

In addition, estrogen is one of the prerequisites for the onset of breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer from 18 to 70 years old, the age between 30 to 60 years old, especially the growth period, menopause is the high stage of female breast cancer, the use of estrogen replacement therapy for more than 10 years of women should be closely monitored, conditions should be gene screening. Director Chen also reminded, because the breast volume is small, under the effect of estrogen exposure in the area is small, so people breast small relative is not easy to have the disease, but also there is no lack of such cases, only the rich talent will get breast cancer is not accurate. If you find changes, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Breast distending pain is the cause of breast pain caused by seven reasons

Breast distending pain for the following reasons:

1, adolescent breast pain: the earliest girls breast pain, usually occurs at 9~13 years old, when the girl breast development, first nipple bulge, there is a slight sense of distending pain. After puberty, with puberty, the development of breast will disappear.

2, premenstrual breast pain: a lot of women have breast fullness, menstrual cramps strong stiff, breast tenderness; or by a slight vibration or impact to the pain, the original sense of particles or nodules is more obvious. This is due to increased levels of estrogen before the body, breast hyperplasia, edema caused by inter – mammary tissue. After menstruation, these changes disappear.

3, breast pain during pregnancy: some women in 40 days of pregnancy, because estrogen levels change, make the breast hyperplasia, breast enlargement, and breast pain, or sustained throughout pregnancy, without treatment.

4, postpartum breast pain: after 3~7 days can often appear breasts pain, induration, pain. This is mainly caused by lymphatic retention of the breast, venous filling and interstitial edema, and mammary duct obstruction. Prevention and treatment methods: breast-feeding as soon as possible; when there is induration, can be hot before feeding and massage induration; also can use milk suction device to attract milk, and promote the patency of the mammary duct.

5, breast pain after abortion: after artificial abortion, some women with breast pain, and palpable mass, this is due to a sudden interruption of pregnancy; the hormone levels also decreased, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, resulting in breast tumor and breast pain.

6, life after breast pain: the physiological changes of the breast and sexual life, sexual indifference or disharmonious sexual life, fail to satisfy, breast hyperemia, swell is not easy to fade, or does not subside completely, persistent congestion will cause breast pain.

7 breast cancer: a common 20~40 year old woman with a slow course of disease. In the early stage, there is one or several nodules in the breast without pain or tenderness. The boundary of the surrounding tissue is not clear, and there is often skin adhesion. The axillary lymph nodes on the same side can be enlarged. There is no fever in clinic. The abscess softening after the formation of cold abscess; to the skin through the fistula or sinus, discharge has the tyroid detritus thin pus, a few patients with fibrosis and tumor into lumps, breast shape and nipple, and breast cancer is not easy to identify.

How to judge the degree of uterine prolapse?

Main causes of uterine prolapse is: childbirth injury is the anatomic basis of uterine prolapse; support uterine tissue loose; intra-abdominal pressure increases based on the etiology, suffering from chronic cough, constipation, ascites or peritoneal tumors may lead to huge.

According to the 1981 held in Qingdao City, part of the province, autonomous region “two disease” research group opinion, check with the patient supine push down screen when the extent of the decline in the uterus, uterine prolapse is divided into three degrees: the first degree of cervical ptosis from the hymen is less than 4cm, but not vaginal prolapse outside. Light: outside the cervix from the margin of the hymen < 4cm, less than the margin of the hymen. Heavy: the cervix of the uterus has reached the margin of the hymen, and the cervix is visible through the vaginal orifice. II degrees: the cervix and some parts of the uterus have been removed from the mouth of the vagina. Light: the cervix is removed from the vaginal orifice and the uterus is still in the vagina. Heavy: part of the palace body out of the vaginal opening. Third degree: the cervix and uterus are all removed from the vagina.

How do pregnant women choose a scientific and rational method of prenatal education?

How well is a problem of fetal education eugenics to become pregnant or are pregnant parents concerned, are now young parents pay more attention to fetal education, fetal education scientific and reasonable to promote the intellectual development of the fetus, but if fetal education inappropriate method it may harm the fetus, such as unreasonable fetal education language, movement, and bad mood will affect the fetus. Therefore, mothers must pay attention to the following problems:

Reasonable avoid fetal education

First, avoid unreasonable language prenatal education

In the language of prenatal education, pregnant women should use moderate volume to speak with the fetus in the abdomen, read poetry, sing a tune, or count figures, which will leave a good memory for the child. Avoid loud rude talk, this will make fetal irritability. After the birth of the fetus, it will become very neurotic, and even have an antipathy to language and hostile attitude.

Two avoid noise

The noise has a serious impact on the fetus, which can make the endocrine gland function disordered in pregnant women, resulting in the excessive secretion of oxytocin hormone in the pituitary gland, resulting in a strong contraction of the uterus, leading to miscarriage and premature delivery. Therefore, pregnant women should be alert to the noise around them, not affected by noise, or listen to deafening, stimulating sounds.

Avoid the bad mood

The emotional state of the pregnant women plays an important role in the development of the fetus. Pregnant women emotional stability, ease of mind, is conducive to the formation of a good temperament after birth. Pregnant women if the long-term mental tension, dachidabei, mood swings, hormone secretion in the womb, which will cause harm to the fetal brain development. Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to mental health, keep a good mood and a happy mood, and be full of hope for life.

Avoid unreasonable movement

Exercise is a very effective way but the unreasonable fetal education, exercise is taboo in fetal education. With the fetus to do sports contact, gently touch the fetus, 2~4 times a day is appropriate, and sometimes the fetus will not comply with the mother’s life, this time to be patient, do not rush for success. Exercise prenatal care, the action should not be too fierce. The four taboos of prenatal education should be kept in mind: unreasonable language, bad mood, noise and unreasonable exercise.

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