Side effects of emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are a contraceptive used by people who fail to help or fail to do so, and are also more common than birth control pills. Then, what are the precautions for using emergency contraceptives, mainly in the following points?:

1, emergency contraception is only an emergency way, not a conventional contraceptive. The proper method of contraception should be chosen instead of using the emergency contraceptive pill frequently.

2, emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours after sexual life, more than 72 hours, failure rate is higher.

3, emergency contraception rate was significantly lower than the conventional method of contraception, but due to high dose (conventional oral contraceptive is equivalent to 8 days of an emergency contraception drug), and side effects were significantly higher than that of conventional contraceptives, such as the change of menstrual cycle.

4, excessive and frequent use of emergency contraceptives may cause harm to the body. Repeated emergency use of contraceptives will lead to menstrual disorders, bleeding or intravenous bleeding to prolong the life and work for women inconvenience.

5, a menstrual cycle can only use emergency contraceptives once, and second times will be invalid.

6, emergency contraception failure, and pregnancy, high incidence of neonatal malformations, pregnancy must be terminated

7, drug emergency contraception can only play a role in this unprotected sexual life. After this cycle, other reliable contraception measures should be adopted for sexual life after taking medicine. If you do not pay attention, the month of medication may be pregnant.


Can you sleep with me for one month?

After pregnancy, women have to adjust their sexual life as a result of the great changes in their physical condition. Most women know that there is a time when they can’t sleep together because the fetus is not fully formed and is afraid of a couple’s sexual life leading to miscarriage. So what months is it that you can’t sleep with each other? If you are pregnant, can you sleep with each other for one month?

Gynecological experts suggest that the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus is more sensitive, placental villi and endometrial combination is not very strong, at this time of sexual life, easy to promote uterine contraction. Semen is rich in prostaglandin, it can make the uterus and fallopian tube smooth muscle contraction, this period if the uterine contraction frequency can lead to blastocyst germplasm difficult, so in the first three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse can cause the most serious consequence is the termination of pregnancy abortion.

What should be paid attention to when pregnant after repeated abortion?

Habitual late abortion is often caused by relaxation. The internal orifice of uterus due to curettage or cervical dilation caused by uterine neck injury, a few may belong to congenital abnormalities. After these patients in mid pregnancy, fetal growth, growth due to amniotic fluid, increased uterine cavity sac self endocervical prominent, when increased intrauterine pressure to a certain extent, will rupture and abortion, the abortion often have no symptoms.

If you want to get pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for gynecological examination, to determine the fallopian tube no abnormalities, whether gynecological inflammation, ovulation is normal and healthy, if these three normal, you can have a healthy baby! If there is any abnormality, you should treat it first and plan to conceive again. From the birth, advise you to give up smoking and drinking during the first half of mr..

After abortion note 1. pregnant women after abortion should not angry, worried or frightened, the husband should be more calm, but do not have sexual life in the short term.2. should be checked to the hospital, follow the doctor’s advice, not her own medication.3. pregnant again to ban heavy manual labor, especially avoid breath, heavy lifting, hard stool the increase of intraabdominal pressure, and miscarriage; avoid large temperature tonic in early pregnancy prohibited contact; X-ray, ultrasonic, radioactive isotope, absolutely avoid inspection of the abdomen with such equipment, to prevent fetal malformation and abortion in pregnant women with.4. should avoid influenza, typhoid fever, pneumonia and other epidemic areas, also should not go the crowded public places, in order to reduce the chances of infection; not active or passive smoking; no pets; gas.

Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules

When will new members, my father mother grandfather grandmother one family are all very happy, very little for the birth of the baby and get together, give the baby to take the name of nature will be put on the agenda.

A good name is like a good business card which can give a good first impression. And often be called their own names, but also give yourself some psychological hints, the words and deeds of their own intangible impact. Then how can a good name be given to a child?

Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules1

Tips and considerations for naming your baby

I. tips for naming children

1. name better, easy to remember

The name can not be too esoteric, others do not know, or dictionary, there is no computer, after it is trouble. Some words is not the ability to become the most meaningful name with the most simple words, is the most difficult.

2., to have the whole meaning, name and surname linked

Chen, there is the meaning of placement, the name must be linked with the surname, it makes sense. For example, “Chairman Mao” means the protection of the whole East. If you call Chen Zedong, that means “East” of the water, it will be completely different. But as Chen Qiyun is on the rising clouds.

3., and parents may want to contact

Name is also the parents of the baby’s hope, but also after the baby’s direction of training. For example, hope that children become smart, you can add “cong” and “Rui” in the name of a class of words. But this kind of name must pay attention to the choice of words, do not take too vulgar, too popular name.

4. and the baby can be born under contact

For example, the baby monkey with a cloud, fog, clouds have meaning; the baby rats, and take the “m” “beans”, “Wo”, “wheat” and other words related to these words as words or names.

Two, the name of the child’s taboo

1. gender replacement

A male name, a female name and a male name will cause problems in the future and cause unnecessary trouble. It is better not to be so unconventional, or at least a neutral name is better than “sex dislocation.”.

Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules2

Tips and considerations for naming your baby

2. common words

“Li Li and Wang Hong”, the name of the use of too high, will bring trouble to study life. Just think, if there are several children in a class name, the name, examination, rewards and punishment have encountered troubles even. Recommended by computer queries that use, if the name is too much, should consider giving up.

3. use homophonic words

“Dong Qian – something” bad homophonic, prone to name jokes, when the name is best to avoid.

4. use simultaneous tones

“Zhang Zhang -“, the name of the words are the same tone “Zhang Zhang”, easy to eat word phenomenon, so that the name is not loud.

5. anti font

“Li”, font combination should pay attention to rhythm, not favour one more than another too uncoordinated.

6. with shengpizi

Some words, such as Janine Chang’s “8”, David Tao’s “zhe”, Evan Yo’s “Min”. If the baby calls this name, and does not say the household register, the certificate, the bank deposit…… Trouble again and again. I’m afraid few people will dare to call your family’s name in the future.

7., the implication is not good

Take the “blue” the name, if married, like the name of bluegrass orchid not only too common, but it gives people blue herb weak sense, there are likely to die of Italy, is not suitable for the name.

The middle-aged fat to be alert or ovarian cancer

Middle-aged people to face not only become no longer bright and beautiful, even the curve figure began to tune their. Especially in the waist and abdomen of the fat, even if it is difficult to cover winter.

Waistline, face Rourou increased, this is the “fat” symbol? It is indeed a fat middle-aged folk saying, but the woman waistline may be other reasons.

38 year old Liu recently found that many do not wear pants, thought it was a middle-aged fat, and did not care. But recently, in the unit physical examination, gynecological B ultrasound examination showed that she has a huge lump inside the pelvic cavity, and finally diagnosed with ovarian tumors, requiring hospitalization surgery.

Increased waistlines may be ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common tumors in women. It has a high degree of malignancy. It is difficult to find the initial symptoms even if the ovaries are hidden in the pelvic cavity. In addition, ovarian cancer early onset of abdominal distension symptoms, some middle-aged women will put the blame on the “fat”, missed the best treatment period, found most of the time is already late, so ovarian cancer is also known as the “silent killer”.

The expert reminds, should guard against this kind of gynecology common disease, strengthens self surveillance. When you wake up early in the morning, empty your stomach and empty your bowels. Take supine position on your bed, bend your hips and knees, relax your belly, and press each part of your lower abdomen with your fingers, especially on both sides. In this way, it is possible to detect ovarian tumors early in life. For thin, soft women, easy to self test.

High risk population of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer can occur at any age, but the greater the age, the higher the chance of attack. Generally menopausal women, mostly in postmenopausal women, patients age between 40–50 years old. In addition, single or childless women are at high risk of ovarian cancer.

What is the medicine that treats palace neck debaucjed, two kinds of cure palace neck debaucjed the most effective drug?

What is the medicine that treats palace neck debaucjed? The treatment of cervical erosion drugs are many, but in general, only as an adjuvant treatment, cervical erosion grading method, erosion area size can be divided into light, medium and heavy three degrees. When the cervical erosion area of less than the entire area of 1/3 for mild cervical erosion; erosion area occupies cervix area between the 1/3–2/3 for moderate erosion; erosion area occupies whole area of 2/3 above for severe cervical erosion. For mild cervical erosion, drug treatment is still effective, but for moderate and severe cervical erosion, the effect of drug treatment is not very obvious.

What is the medicine that treats palace neck debaucjed? Drugs for the treatment of cervical erosion: the erosion surface of small, relatively shallow inflammatory infiltration can be used the following drug treatment methods: 1 10 20% silver nitrate: local irrigation, 1 times a week, 2 ~ 4 times for a course of treatment. The Potassium Permanganate: menstruation after local drug Xu, 1 ~ 2 months after repeated use for 1 times. In the use of these drugs, we should be careful to prevent the surrounding vaginal wall burns, but also pay attention to disinfection when medication, prevention of repeated infection.

What is the medicine that treats palace neck debaucjed? For erosion area is small and shallow inflammatory infiltration of patients. Can choose antibiotics such as local drug, metronidazole, sulfonamides, nitrofurazone. With Chinese medicine treatment of cervical erosion in the clinical application is more extensive, curative effect is good, with some recipes, recipes, processed into powder or suppository, a cotton ball, sticking to the erosion surface. The general weekly on 2 times, during the treatment of yellow vaginal secretions and more, but there should be no smell. From the beginning of treatment after menstruation clean, continuous irrigation January, the menstrual period was discontinued.

What are the drugs for cervical erosion? Cervical erosion should be found in time and early treatment, because it is considered as a high risk factor of cervical cancer, early detection and treatment can greatly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. Some people are sick, the symptoms are not obvious, unwilling to treat, experience tells us, self-healing very few, without treatment, the condition will be more and more heavy. For mild cervical erosion, the treatment of cervical erosion drugs are many, and the cure is faster, but if not timely treatment, positive, moderate and severe cervical erosion, then the treatment is more complex.

The effect of surgical treatment of cervical erosion. Most of the time, treatment time should be selected in the menstrual clean after 3 ~ 7 days after treatment, because some cervical wound, such as catch up with the menstrual period prone to infection. Therefore, the patient should be 3 days after menstruation clean as soon as possible for medical treatment. Avoid sexual intercourse as much as possible before incomplete healing of the wound. Due to sexual intercourse, not only because of mechanical stimulation affecting the healing of cervical wound, but also may cause vaginitis, thus affecting the normal repair of cervical tissue.

Reminder: any drug can not long-term medication, especially the vaginal environment, long-term use of easily lead to fungal vaginitis, is dysbacteriosis, so severe cervical erosion should not be long-term use, but also to the severe cervical erosion, long-term medication is not good.

The prevention of ovarian cancer is the most important to maintain good habits of Science

According to a survey data show that in the more than 30 year old white-collar women, 27% of the people there are different levels of hidden menopause phenomenon. They complained of physical and mental fatigue, weight increased, irritability and insomnia, dry skin, hair color brown, menstrual disorders, sometimes tired of work, a rather baffling disease, taking a large number of health care products are of no avail, seriously affect their life and work and family.

In the gynecology clinic, which by the invasion of premature menopause women have accounted for about 20% of outpatients. Psychologists found that the causes of female premature ovarian failure and premature menopause symptoms is excessive psychological pressure. Know so much, have you ever thought of how to prevent ovarian cancer? The following methods to teach you the recipe for prevention of ovarian cancer.

The prevention of ovarian cancer — from obesity

With the improvement of life quality, obesity is no longer a myth, walking in the street, everywhere is a portly figure, you will probably think not to regard it as right to fat for the United States, the Tang Dynasty, as everyone knows, you have ovarian cancer and a step.

The relationship between the Harvard University School of medicine Brigham and women’s Hospital Fairfield KM evaluation of the 109445 people in the nurses’ health study in the recent weight, at the age of 18 adult body weight and weight change and the risk of ovarian cancer. After 20 years of follow-up survey, 1703474 copies of the age of the individual data. Results there were 402 cases of epithelial ovarian cancer was diagnosed.

The prevention of ovarian cancer – diet is crucial

As everyone knows, some hereditary ovarian cancer, it can not be avoided, but more research shows that the same diet is a major cause of ovarian cancer is genetic, diet or cause cancer causes.

Remember to prevent ovarian cancer light, do not eat or eat high doses of lactose and excessive animal fat; diet preference, eat more rich in cellulose, cellulose and trace elements in foods, such as letinous edodes, beans, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and kelp, seaweed, oysters, turtle and so on; do not eat moldy, smoked containing nitrite food, eat less fried, spicy, pickled foods, not smoking, not drinking, not overeating.

In addition, the South Korean scientists found that semen can fight against ovarian cancer in women. They will remove the extraction of the effective component of sperm in semen, was injected into the epithelial ovarian cancer cells and cultured with normal ovarian epithelial cells in liquid. 48 hours later, they found that the ovarian cancer mortality rate reached 81%, while only 37% of normal cell death.

In addition, semen can promote the secretion of female sex hormones, breast fullness, buttocks plump, delicate skin; can moisturize the vagina, improve the quality of life, enhance the psychological satisfaction, is conducive to play the role of health care of sex.

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The prevention of breast disease in women over the age of 35 to do regular inspection

For women with breast pain problems, experts recommend that women over the age of 35, the need for regular breast screening; women under the age of 35, if the breast pain severe enough to affect their daily life, and touch the “masses”, then you need to go to the hospital. If the occurrence of periodic breast pain, pain associated with the menstrual cycle, then the pain treatment effect will be more obvious.

In addition, need to remind you of MM, protect the breast from the day-to-day things! So usually in the diet should also pay more attention to:

First of all, we should eat more fruits and vegetables and soy products such as food and nutrition, eat spicy, fried foods and barbecue and hot. To quit smoking wine, adjust the mood, eat royal jelly, hormone fed animal meat, because of containing estrogen. That young women eat the pill, avoid artificial stream, because it will lead to disorder of estrogen.

Although the average breast pain without tension, but not for a long time for pain relief, the situation is more and more serious, or touch is uneven, the edge is not clear, poor activity of breast masses, should as soon as possible to the hospital to check the diagnosis and treatment of

Women’s health network (Editor)

Eat three meals too much, be careful, “support” out of 10 diseases

It is a well-known fact that overeating is bad for health. However, why do so many people face the temptation of beauty?

Health education expert Hong Zhaoguang said: “in ancient times, in addition to gastric digestion, also play a reserve function, eat a meal hungry three days no problem; and now, every day some people eat eat well, if a person’s stomach every day can hold 1 pounds of food, just fill half enough the day required. Otherwise, it will only overload the body and cause a range of health problems.”

1., obesity: modern people often eat high fat, high protein foods, digestion more difficult, redundant nutrients accumulated in the body, and its consequences are obesity and a series of wealthy diseases. “Numerous scientific studies confirmed that obesity will include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, fatty liver, cholecystitis, plus the resulting complications may reach hundreds, very terrible.” Hong Zhaoguang says.

2., stomach disease: eating too much brought about by the direct harm, that is, the burden on the gastrointestinal tract increased, indigestion. In addition, human gastric mucosal epithelial cells have a shorter life span, and should be repaired every 2-3 days.

If the meal is absorbed, meal and fill the stomach, the stomach is always in a state of fullness, gastric mucosa is not easy to get opportunities to repair the gastric secretion of gastric juice, gastric mucosal barrier damage, inflammation of the stomach, resulting indigestion symptoms, long past, may also occur in gastric erosions, ulcers and other diseases.

3. bowel disease: scientists in Taiwan, China, have found that clogged fat in the intestines can cause intestinal obstruction and black stools and blood.

4. fatigue: eating too much can cause a slow reaction of the brain and accelerate the aging of the brain. When people are full, the blood on the body runs to the stomach and intestines to work. It is easy for people to stay tired and feel sleepy for a long time.

5. cancer: Japanese scientists pointed out that eating too much will cause the reduction of cell carcinoma factor activity, increasing the risk of cancer.

6. Alzheimer’s disease: Japanese experts also found that about 30%-40% of Alzheimer’s patients, in the prime of life have long habit of eating.

7. osteoporosis: long-term satiety, easy to make bones too decalcification, osteoporosis will greatly increase the probability.

8. kidney disease: excessive diet can damage people’s urinary system, because too much non protein nitrogen from the kidneys, will inevitably increase the burden on the kidneys.

9. acute pancreatitis: dinner is too good to eat, plus drinking too much, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis.

How to handle the “full” scale

First, grasp the time to eat, it is best to begin to eat when you feel a little hungry, and eat every meal at a fixed time, so that you can avoid eating too much and eating too quickly after you are too hungry.

Second, eat at least 20 minutes, because the brain will receive a full meal after 20 minutes from the meal. If you eat too fast, your brain will probably have eaten too much before you get the latest information.

Third chew more than 30 times each meal.

Fourth, use a small spoon instead of chopsticks, slow down.

Fifth, you can eat more cold dishes and coarse grains, raw food is not good chewing on the swallow can not go down, drink oatmeal porridge is slower than white rice, eating whole wheat bread is slower than eating white bread.

In addition, each containing a little less, drink two glasses of water before eating or drinking soup, buy a small package of food, eat more crude fiber, increase satiety foods, such as beans, konjac, use tray and transparent tableware, eating consciously to help others rotary table dishes are is a good way to avoid eating support.

What’s it like to be seven minutes full?

Speaking of this, you must want to know what it feels like to have seven minutes to eat To what extent should I put down the chopsticks? Life, please China Agricultural University Faculty of food science and nutrition engineering Fan Zhihong teacher, give you a standard of judgment.

After studying the feeling of satiety for some time, I think seven minutes should be such a feeling, the stomach has not felt full, but the enthusiasm for food has declined, the initiative to eat speed is also significantly slower. It’s customary to eat more, but if you take away the food and change the subject, you’ll soon forget to eat. The most important thing is that you won’t be hungry before the second meal.

A lot of people say, “how can you feel such a delicate difference?” I don’t even know how much I’ve been eating This is because most people never feel fully satisfied when they are eating. If you concentrate on eating, eat slowly, from the beginning of the first bite, feel for food, sense of urgency, passion for food, eating speed, every eat a mouth after satisfying hunger subsided gradually, gradually enrich stomach feeling, so slowly that can realize seven points the feeling of satiety.

Therefore, in our daily life, we need to slow down and concentrate on eating, so that we can get used to seven full.

There is also a secret, eating large water foods can allow the stomach to feel “full” in advance, is conducive to control food intake, prevent obesity. For example, drink porridge, eat noodles, eat a lot of vegetables, eat less oil fruit, are relatively easy to make seven points ahead of the arrival of the feeling of satiety. Those who need to eat a few chews to swallow food, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruit crisp, can make people slow down the speed of eating, but also conducive to the full feeling, which is helpful for us to control appetite, avoid excessive.

However, the food, valuables, oil and more dietary fiber less is just the opposite, they will let people eat faster, imperceptibly ate a lot, while the central satiety hasn’t received the report, the stomach feel full before you stopped. But at this point, the energy in the food has long exceeded the needs of the body. The only thing that can be done later is to increase the amount of exercise that consumes excess calories.

What is an ovarian cyst? What medicine does ovarian cyst take good fast?

What is an ovarian cyst? What medicine does ovarian cyst take good fast? Ovarian cysts are a common disease in women of reproductive age. Cysts can be physiological (i.e., normal, which can change naturally with the change of the menstrual cycle) or pathological (cysts formed by disease).

Ovarian cyst refers to the cystic mass of the ovary, and the cause of the disease is not clear. Ovarian cyst is a kind of ovarian tumour, it may be benign, or it may be malignant, so after the discovery of the disease, first of all to determine whether benign or malignant. In addition, attention should be paid to appear sometimes seems like the ovarian cyst, but not cyst, such as polycystic ovary, ovarian corpus luteum cyst, the endometriosis, although these diseases will appear in ovarian masses, but different from the ovarian cyst.

What medicine can ovarian cyst take good? Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cysts can be twice the result with half the effort. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of differentiation of symptoms and signs is based on syndrome differentiation. Flexible use of blood stasis, Dissipating Dampness, dispelling phlegm, Xiaoji Qi treatment principles and a series of prescriptions, for clinical treatment of ovarian cyst, achieved satisfactory curative effect, and the recurrence rate is 0.

In the above diet must remember, don’t eat too much salty and spicy food, eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; frail or have some sort of disease genes as appropriate to eat some anti-cancer food and basic foods with high alkali content, maintain a good mental state. Don’t eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth.

1, the diet should be light, not suitable for eating mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, fish, fish and other objects.

2, eat chili, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, liquor and other excitant food and drink.

3, fast longan, red dates, Ejiao, royal jelly and other hot, coagulation and hormone containing ingredients

4, eat lean meat, chicken, egg, quail egg, grass carp, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, wax gourd, letinous edodes, tofu, fruits and so on.