Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules

When will new members, my father mother grandfather grandmother one family are all very happy, very little for the birth of the baby and get together, give the baby to take the name of nature will be put on the agenda.

A good name is like a good business card which can give a good first impression. And often be called their own names, but also give yourself some psychological hints, the words and deeds of their own intangible impact. Then how can a good name be given to a child?

Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules1

Tips and considerations for naming your baby

I. tips for naming children

1. name better, easy to remember

The name can not be too esoteric, others do not know, or dictionary, there is no computer, after it is trouble. Some words is not the ability to become the most meaningful name with the most simple words, is the most difficult.

2., to have the whole meaning, name and surname linked

Chen, there is the meaning of placement, the name must be linked with the surname, it makes sense. For example, “Chairman Mao” means the protection of the whole East. If you call Chen Zedong, that means “East” of the water, it will be completely different. But as Chen Qiyun is on the rising clouds.

3., and parents may want to contact

Name is also the parents of the baby’s hope, but also after the baby’s direction of training. For example, hope that children become smart, you can add “cong” and “Rui” in the name of a class of words. But this kind of name must pay attention to the choice of words, do not take too vulgar, too popular name.

4. and the baby can be born under contact

For example, the baby monkey with a cloud, fog, clouds have meaning; the baby rats, and take the “m” “beans”, “Wo”, “wheat” and other words related to these words as words or names.

Two, the name of the child’s taboo

1. gender replacement

A male name, a female name and a male name will cause problems in the future and cause unnecessary trouble. It is better not to be so unconventional, or at least a neutral name is better than “sex dislocation.”.

Tips and considerations for naming your baby, new mothers must see the rules2

Tips and considerations for naming your baby

2. common words

“Li Li and Wang Hong”, the name of the use of too high, will bring trouble to study life. Just think, if there are several children in a class name, the name, examination, rewards and punishment have encountered troubles even. Recommended by computer queries that use, if the name is too much, should consider giving up.

3. use homophonic words

“Dong Qian – something” bad homophonic, prone to name jokes, when the name is best to avoid.

4. use simultaneous tones

“Zhang Zhang -“, the name of the words are the same tone “Zhang Zhang”, easy to eat word phenomenon, so that the name is not loud.

5. anti font

“Li”, font combination should pay attention to rhythm, not favour one more than another too uncoordinated.

6. with shengpizi

Some words, such as Janine Chang’s “8”, David Tao’s “zhe”, Evan Yo’s “Min”. If the baby calls this name, and does not say the household register, the certificate, the bank deposit…… Trouble again and again. I’m afraid few people will dare to call your family’s name in the future.

7., the implication is not good

Take the “blue” the name, if married, like the name of bluegrass orchid not only too common, but it gives people blue herb weak sense, there are likely to die of Italy, is not suitable for the name.


Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children

Children are the hope of every family, for parents want their children to grow up healthy. Today, the earth’s environmental conditions are even worse, and the air quality is getting worse and worse, which poses a threat to children’s health.

Lead is one of the elements of metal, harmful to human health, excessive intake can cause death. There are occasional exposure stories about child lead poisoning in the news, which is a warning to everyone: prevention of lead poisoning in children is imperative!

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children1

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children

What is lead poisoning in children?

Lead poisoning occurs when the lead content in children’s blood is greater than or equal to 100 g/L. When children lead to mild lead poisoning, they are often difficult to diagnose because of medical equipment and technical limitations.

When the level of lead poisoning is deeper, it can damage the organs of children’s organs and even endanger the lives of children. It is the major influence of lead poisoning on children that children can not normally grow and develop.

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children2

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children

Cause analysis of lead poisoning in children

1. skin intake

When mothers put on high – lead cosmetics, they come into contact with babies, and many mothers give them a skin cream. And some of the lead content of frost is relatively high, easily lead to high levels of lead in children.

2. intake of respiratory tract

Fog and haze as one of the typical representatives of air pollution, which contains a lot of lead dust. In addition, powdered material using similar powder for children in, will also contain lead, when parents use methods are not appropriate, will let the child lead poisoning caused by inhalation of lead dust.

3. intestinal intake

Popcorn, preserved egg and other substances contain high levels of lead, when children eat a large amount of food may lead to symptoms of lead poisoning. Consumption of lead contaminated Cereals, vegetables, and drinking water contaminated with lead may present the same symptoms.

Symptoms of lead poisoning in children

1. acute lead poisoning

Children with acute lead poisoning have a taste similar to metal in their mouths, and substances like milk blocks appear in the vomit.

In addition, because of the large amount of lead in the body, children’s teeth and nails appear black, and fingers and toes occasionally show numbness. Anemia can occur and may even be fainting.

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children3

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children

2. chronic lead poisoning

The majority of patients with chronic lead poisoning are children aged 2 to 3 years. From the beginning of inhalation of lead, approximately 3 to 6 months later, children develop obvious symptoms of lead poisoning. For example, the abdominal pain, sitting, concentration is difficult to concentrate.

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children4

Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children

The prevalence of central nervous system of children will be a greater degree of damage, and affect the normal development of the formation of language function and intelligence, or even unknown origin of aggressive behavior, but also may leave sequela.

Estrogen is low, what food to eat is good? Low estrogen diet

Estrogen is not only harmful to women’s health, but also seriously affects fertility. How about low estrogen? Diet regulation is the best way to treat low estrogen, then conditioning estrogen low, eat what good food? Before I tell you what to eat and how to adjust estrogen, I think it’s necessary for you to know first, if the female estrogen is low, it will bring harm.

What harm does estrogen have low? Properly speaking, if a woman does not have estrogen, not only can the breasts not grow normally, but it does not develop glands that secrete emulsions. Similarly, without estrogen, the female reproductive system does not have the capacity to conceive and bear children.

Estrogen is important not only for sexual and reproductive system health but also for brain function. The hormone is responsible for the development and repair of the nervous system. They are related to the proper concentration of chemical elements such as serotonin and dopamine. In addition, estrogen also helps the brain to obtain adequate blood supply.

When a woman’s body does not produce enough quantity, it can have a negative effect. Low estrogen levels are thought to increase women’s chances of developing many diseases, a common disease associated with osteoporosis. The disease is common in women who are experiencing or have passed menopause. This is because lack of estrogen can cause bone density to decrease and further lead to osteoporosis.

So, estrogen low, eat what food?

Studies show that soy and soy products contain large amounts of phytoestrogens, known as soy isoflavones, which alter the secretion of hormones in the body. Clinical studies have shown that soy and soy products have to balance the role of estrogen in the body, when estrogen is too low, the soybean isoflavone will make it increase, but when estrogen is too high, soybean isoflavone can also make it less.

This is the main reason soy isoflavones can effectively help women prevent some cancers associated with estrogen. The study suggests that soy and soy products also contain flavin, which has a balance of estrogen. Soy, a two-way balance of estrogen, is hard to find in second foods.

How can estrogen be scientifically added?

First, to supplement the female hormone, pay attention to nutritional supplements, so that balanced nutrition, reasonable diet structure.

Two, to relax, adjust your attitude, reduce stress.

Three, to the law of life, do not stay up all night, to ensure sleep, but also to do more outdoor activities.

Four, the diet should eat beans, lentils, Cereals, wheat, rice, fennel, sunflower seeds, onions and other food containing phytoestrogens. These foods contain a lot of phytoestrogens,

Five, eat soy isoflavones, (probably need to eat three months), soybean isoflavone solution appeared female female hormone low, because soybean isoflavone is extracted from plants, have similar structure and has the function of estrogen, estrogen synthesis of the same.

Soy isoflavones have estrogenic activity and are structurally similar to those produced in the body when estrogen is insufficient Can play the role of estrogen, and estrogen excess, but also play an anti hormone effect. Plant hormones than animal hormone synthesis safety, such as royal jelly, propolis, ginseng, angelica, placenta, may also cause excessive estrogen.

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How to restore sexual life after birth?

How do you recover your sexual life after birth? Some women after confinement for a long time, the body recovered well, caesarean section of the wound is also early, but found himself completely lost interest in sex. Husbands complain a lot, and data show that about 50% of women have sex problems after birth. There are many factors that affect post natal sexual life. The wound has healed so long that it can remove the cause of the pain and worry about the infection, but there may be other reasons. In addition to physical factors, some of the following suggestions may enlighten you.

1., parents and lovemaking are required to learn, need time, energy, patience, need to overcome difficulties, need to gradually adapt and innovation.

2., women are not men, sometimes standing on their own positions, it is difficult to understand the importance of sexual life to the husband, clarify misunderstandings, mutual understanding, and find a constructive solution.

3., women are not interested in sex for a long time, or because of excessive care of their children and neglect their husbands, it will seriously affect the feelings of husband and wife, lead to extramarital love, and into the vicious circle of deterioration of relations, so as to prevent as soon as possible.

4., sexual desire does not necessarily have to make love, a lot of time decided to do, and in the process of doing it will be more desire.

In addition, there are several reasons that women may lose their interest in sexual life after confinement, such as fear of pregnancy, child care, hard work, family conflicts, emotions and so on. In addition, postpartum depression is a common cause of sexual decline, although multiple days postpartum, but also often relapse after one year.

August is the best month of pregnancy

With the improvement of living standards, with family planning, a family can only give birth to one or two children, and now the improvement of living standards makes people become more and more particular about what they do. In particular, better preparation is needed before the next generation is born, and many mothers and fathers will choose an optimal pregnancy time or pregnancy month before conception. But which month is the best month of pregnancy for twelve months a year? According to the research results of experts, the Mid Autumn Festival in August is the best month for pregnancy.

Why choose August, because in the early pregnancy 40 to 60 days of pregnancy, just in September or October, pregnant women are poor appetite, love food, but now a variety of vegetables and fruits, can regulate appetite, protect the nutritional needs of the fetus. After two or three months in late autumn, cool climate, increasing appetite for pregnant women, is very beneficial to the growth of fetus.

The sunshine, pregnant women often bask in the sun, the body can produce a lot of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, bones contribute to fetal growth. Between August and September and coincided with the heat effect of nocturnal sleep by pregnant women, pregnant women intake rest, nutrition and vitamins are relatively full, conducive to the development of the fetal brain after birth and intellectual development. The snowy winter and warm spring carrying influenza, rubella, meningitis and other virus gate when fetal gestational age has been more than 3 months, had a good teratogenic.

Moreover, the corresponding expected date of childbirth is around May next year. When delivery is late spring and early summer, temperatures, breastfeeding, baby shower is not easy to catch a cold, vegetables, fish, eggs and other non-staple food supply is also very rich, maternal appetite is good, milk nutrition is rich, is the best season of confinement “. To ensure the quality of breast milk and infant clothing for traveling light, little limbs freely, beneficial to the brain and body development. After the child’s full moon, the season has been summer, the trees become overcast, fresh air, sunny enough for outdoor sunbathing and air bath.

In addition, embryonic development has three critical periods: one is the formation of the brain, that is, third months of conception; two is the period of brain cell division; sixth months after conception; three, during the period of cell development coordination, seventh to 9 months of conception. If you choose between August and September and third, pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth sixth months are in suitable climate and nutrition for the deployment of late autumn, spring season, the nervous system of the fetus can get good development.

?? And data shows, in December 7 a year for a birth peak season, from 4 to June is the off-season, which has a close relationship with the people the choice of marriage. Influenced by traditional ideas, many people arrange marriage on New Year’s day, Spring Festival and national day, and get pregnant immediately after they get married. At a time when the cold or the late autumn and early winter when the temperature changes, is a viral disease prone season, during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, viral infection easily lead to fetal malformation.

Yes, of course, in most of the central and northern parts of china. The climate conditions in China are very different, should not be applied mechanically to consider. For example, in the southern region where the temperature difference is not strong enough, we can choose the suitable season pregnancy according to the local epidemic situation and the nutrition supply condition. For example, the northern election in August and September, the southern election around June.

?? In addition, winter outdoor activities relatively few opportunities, the doors and windows closed, indoor air is not fresh, such as indoor heating stove, while higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air, so that pregnant women in early pregnancy fetal abnormality rate rise, thus increasing birth defects. Therefore, married couples should avoid becoming pregnant during the winter.

?? January is 39 or 49 days, when the winter, at this time is not suitable for delivery. The puerpera is in lactation, when bathing or changing to the baby, if have not very good condition, prevent cold, keep warm, easy catch cold, cold. Newborn babies are also less susceptible to cold, and diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections and pneumonia may follow.

?? January is 39 or 49 days, when the winter, at this time is not suitable for delivery. The puerpera is in lactation, when bathing or changing to the baby, if have not very good condition, prevent cold, keep warm, easy catch cold, cold. Newborn babies are also less susceptible to cold, and diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections and pneumonia may follow.

Winter is not suitable for pregnancy, because the northern winter fresh vegetables and fruits are relatively scarce, so that the relative intake of trace elements and vitamins less, it is easy to affect fetal growth and development. Moreover, the northern climate is very cold in winter, there are more opportunities to go viral infection. As you know, in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is infected by the virus, which can directly affect the fetus and cause mental retardation or deformity in the fetus. ??

? ?

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?

Breastfeeding is one of the most popular forms of feeding, not only beneficial to the baby’s healthy development, but also to prevent breast disease.

In the process of feeding the baby, many mothers have found that the baby has the phenomenon of nipple biting, so that new mothers are very depressed. So why does the baby bite mommy’s nipples? Take a look at the reasons for baby bites nipples and ways!

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?1

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

1., do not get used to suck artificial pacifiers

Some mothers feed in a mixed way, both breast fed and formula fed. If the baby is accustomed to breastfeeding, then change into powder feeding, the baby may be not used artificial nipple sucking, and when to breastfeed, a sense of belonging, the baby to the mummy’s nipple is more dependent on, may bite to express and relieve the mood.

The solution: after the bite, pause the baby first, give the baby gum, and tell him in a solemn tone, “this can bite, and Mommy’s nipples don’t bite.”.” Although the baby can not speak, but there are some words he can understand. Repeat this several times, and the baby will no longer bite the nipple.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?2

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

2. lack of milk

Because of the lack of milk, the baby may not be able to suck enough milk to get the satisfaction of the body, so the baby will suck harder and even bite mommy’s nipples. If there is not enough milk, the baby may cry.

Solution: breast milk and milk alternating feeding, to ensure adequate baby milk.

3. stuffy nose.

If your baby has a stuffy nose, it might bite mommy’s nipples. Baby nose, not smooth comfortable breathing, wheezing to mouth breathing, may want to bite the mummy’s nipple.

Solution: pay attention to keep your baby warm and prevent cold and runny nose. If you have a cold, should stand up, help the baby breathe smoothly, relieve discomfort.

4. baby gums itch

When the baby started teething gums are itching and pain, and the baby and no other method can alleviate the discomfort, so just bite the mother’s nipples.

If the baby is because want to bite and bite the gums sore nipples, can buy him a molar stick or gutta percha non-toxic, to relieve the gum swollen feeling. Cold gum, radishes, frozen apple slices or handkerchiefs can also help relieve the baby’s discomfort.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?3

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

How to avoid baby biting nipples

1. keep your feeding environment quiet

When feeding, it is best to find a quiet, less affected corner to feed. As a result, you can avoid the baby attracted by the external environment, suddenly turn and pull to the nipple, or else mother’s nipple will be very vulnerable.

What does darling bite tit to be what reason does darling often bite tit how to do?4

The reason why darling loves to bite tit and method

2. pay attention to your baby’s sucking movements

Try to stay alert when you are eating, and when your baby is half full, you may want to pay attention to whether your baby’s sucking movements change. Usually when the baby sucking breasts, will be a big mouth to contain the whole areola, if the baby will be slightly loose mouth, nipple direction of sliding, we should pay attention to, to change the baby’s posture, to avoid nipple bite.

3. noses

If the baby wants to bite the nipple, it can gently close the baby’s head to the breast and gently block his nose. In this way, the baby instinctively opens his mouth to breathe. So a few times later, the baby will understand that biting the nipple will lead to discomfort, it will no longer bite.

Is left ovarian cyst serious? Will the left ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?

Is left ovarian cyst serious? Will the left ovarian cyst affect pregnancy? In fact, an ovarian cyst is ovarian tumor in broad sense, all ages can be affected, but in the 20 – 50 year old female was most common. Ovarian cancer is a common tumor of the female genitals, nature and various forms, namely: single or mixed, unilateral or bilateral, cystic or substantial, benign or malignant, with cystic rare, malignant degree is high. Early diagnosis, treatment 70% is already late, rarely get early treatment, 5 year survival rate has remained at 20-30%, is one of the most serious threat to women’s life of malignant tumor.

Ovarian cysts are collectively referred to as cystic masses of the ovary, and its physical and therapeutic effects depend on its nature

In general, such as cyst less than 5 cm in diameter, and no evidence of tumor, multi functional cyst, can close follow-up check 2-3 months once again adjust inspection interval;

If cyst diameter is greater than 5 centimeters, it is ovarian tumour more, need surgical treatment commonly;

If accompanied by progressive dysmenorrhea and painful intercourse, and pelvic tenderness nodules, endometriosis (i.e. chocolate cyst) should be considered. Different treatments can be taken according to specific conditions

Causes of endometriosis

Endometriosis, a cancer that is not a malignant tumor, is known as a “benign” carcinoma of the uterus”. Endometriosis often occurs in pelvic organs or tissues, such as ovary and uterus after depression and uterosacral ligament. According to the survey, 80% of the patients had pronounced dysmenorrhea, and 50% were infertile, affecting women’s health and quality of life.

Why does the woman suffer from endometriosis, what causes the endometriosis?

1. iatrogenic endometrial grafts

This is a man-made, endometrial transplant to some parts, more common in cesarean section, early and medium-term pregnancy curettage, delivery, the side of the incision, artificial abortion and other processes.

2. immune defense dysfunction

With the blood current to the abdominal cavity of the endometrium, as a foreign body, will activate the immune system in the body, mobilized immune cells and humoral immune elimination of a large number of Weijian, if the body function defects, will become endometriosis.

3. endocrine dysfunction

Ectopic endometrium, regardless of the source, the growth changes were associated with ovarian endocrine, estrogen and progesterone can promote growth, the inhibition of clinical findings in most patients, lack of progesterone, therefore contributes to the occurrence and development of this disease.

4. genetic and physical factors

Clinical observation showed that people with family history had the majority of the disease. Physical factors such as obesity, overweight, high length also have a certain relationship.

5. cropping theory

Menstrual flow, endometrial implants. Menstrual period, menstrual blood from the cervix, vaginal discharge outside the body is down, but there is a small part of the blood or for other reasons with the shedding of endometrial fragments into the abdominal cavity, by tubal pipeline flow, planting form endometriotic lesions in pelvic organ surface.

6. metaplastic intima

Metaplastic epithelium. In the period of human embryonic development, ovarian surface epithelium, peritoneum, rectovaginal diaphragm, umbilical from coelomic metaplasia to these organizations can be transformed in gonadal hormones, inflammatory factors, stimulation, forming another organization, can also be metaplasia of endometrium.

7. benign metastasis

Blood, lymph, benign metastasis. This is a relatively rare cause of disease. Endometriosis arising in the lungs, meninges, pericardium, extremities, and other distal areas is the metastasis of the endometrial lining through the circulation of blood or the lymphatic system and remains in an organ or tissue.

Dietary considerations for patients with uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine fibroids, are the most common benign tumors of female genital organs. More asymptomatic, a small number of vaginal bleeding, abdominal mass and pressure symptoms. It can cause pain if pedicle twist or other conditions occur. It is common to have multiple uterine fibroids.

Treat uterine fibroids, be sure to eliminate tumor, do not forget to stop bleeding, stop bleeding, do not forget to eliminate tumor, and have to take care of ovarian conditioning services. Medication should not be allowed to attack vigorously so as not to destroy vitality. In addition, the diet of patients with uterine fibroids should be more rational:

1, fast longan, red dates, donkey hide gelatin, royal jelly and other hot, coagulation and hormone containing ingredients of food.

2, eat chili, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, liquor and other irritating food and drinks.

3, the diet should be light, do not eat mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, fish, fish and other things.

4, eat lean meat, chicken, egg, quail egg, fish, turtle, fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, wax gourd, letinous edodes, tofu, kelp, seaweed, fruits etc..

Note: women who use computers for a long time can cause irregular menstruation

Nowadays, computer is an indispensable part of our life. Whether it is work or family leisure, it is inseparable from the computer. Although the computer is good, but the good thing also has its shortcoming. The computer radiation is big, the computer family sits in front of the computer for a long time, the eye stares at the display screen, for a long time, will appear the dizziness and the headache phenomenon. If the liver Qi is not comfortable, the Qi and blood of the whole body will be disordered, and some diseases such as high blood pressure and digestive system disorder will occur, and the symptoms of irregular menstruation can also occur in women. Therefore, the computer family health from the “liver” start.

First of all, we should pay attention to diet aftercare, and eat more leek isothermal Yang Yang food. Often eat leek, can strengthen the body spleen, stomach qi. In addition, onions and garlic are also beneficial to liver and yang. Jujube sweet natured, liver and spleen, it may be appropriate to eat buckwheat, shepherd’s purse, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum vegetables, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, chestnut, mushrooms, these foods are cool and sweet, Liver eyesight can be run.

Timely take tremella, tonic, nourishing yin nourishing lungs and fluid can. At the same time, eat sour, eat sweet food, to nourish spleen two dirty, disease prevention and health care to be of great advantage. Again below two liver congee, a computer can have a try.

Wolfberry porridge: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 60 grams of rice. Cook the rice until half cooked, then add the medlar. Cook it and serve it. This porridge is suitable for those who often dizziness, tinnitus and spermatorrhea, Yaoxisuanruan embolism of the people. Hepatitis patients take medlar porridge, which has good effect on liver, liver and liver regeneration.

Pig liver mung bean porridge: fresh pig liver 100 grams, mung beans 60 grams, 100 grams of rice, salt, monosodium glutamate each amount. First wash and cook mung beans and rice, boil the fire, then cook it until eight mature, then cut into slices or strips of liver into the pot, cooked, cooked and then add seasoning.

This porridge nourishing liver and blood, clear eyes, skin beauty, can make people feel, especially for those who have a sallow complexion, vision loss, blurred vision and weak.