How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? The treatment of dysmenorrhea 6 free small recipe

Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common menstrual diseases in most adolescent girls. It is also one of the common gynecological diseases. Dysmenorrhea serious how to do? How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? Dysmenorrhea how to do, quickly solve it? Today, women’s health network Xiaobian for you to introduce effective treatment of dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea female 6 free small recipe, if you eat every day the pain is not good, can’t sleep it, so it is worth a few small recipe you try oh.

1, watch comedy relax the brain

When we are absorbed in the film, a large amount of endorphins are produced in the body that cut off pain signals and temporarily relieve pain. Once pleasurable, the body releases dopamine and activates the brain cell membrane to function as a pain killer.

2. Learn the cobra movement

Can strengthen the abdominal muscles and bear the pain when the contraction of the uterus, there is a mild effect. To avoid the blood flow velocity, relieve abdominal discomfort.

3, keep yourself warm

Heating your body by drinking hot water and wearing more clothes can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood flow, contract contractions of the uterine muscles, and relieve pain.

4, maintain a low hip high posture

Dysmenorrhea, kneeling on the bed, raise the buttocks, keep the high low hip posture can improve the uterine retroversion position, convenient blood outflow, relieve pelvic congestion, relieve pain and low back discomfort.

5. Crawl slowly

It can relieve the pain during the contractions and relax the abdominal muscles. By crawling slowly, you can practice breathing to relieve dysmenorrhea.

6, more vegetarian

Studies have found that low-fat diets such as vegetables and legumes can change the binding hormone globulin in the body, thereby reducing the synthesis of substances causing dysmenorrhea. Especially soy, which is rich in a plant estrogen, is most effective in suppressing dysmenorrhea.

If you try this torture by dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea several recipe, of course, if you have very severe unbearable or dysmenorrhea accompanied by fever and other symptoms, lump or blood, not to spend money on these dysmenorrhea nostrum is not resolved, should see a doctor immediately.

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