Dessert beauty, please note! Excess sugar or lingering vaginitis

Women love sweets, not only can make the body fat, but also easy to get gynecological inflammation, the most common is vaginitis. The clinical findings, many suffering from Candida vaginitis women’s blood sugar or glucose was higher than the normal level, and most of the patients in the control of sweets intake, mycotic vaginitis infection and attack also reduced.

Eat a lot of sugar, lingering vaginitis

According to reports, Candida vaginitis is a common reproductive disease in women, about 75% of women have suffered at least once in their lives. The patient often has the vulva, vaginal itching, burning, or even feel restless, and accompanied by frequent urination, painful urination and sexual pain and other symptoms, its typical characteristic is the leucorrhea thick, with curd or tofu like.

There are many causes of vaginitis, such as the decline of their resistance, sexual transmission, abuse of antibiotics, diabetes and so on. The most overlooked is that some seemingly harmless habits, such as wearing tight chemical fiber underwear, eating sweets can induce or exacerbate vaginitis. Experts pointed out that Candida vaginitis often lingering, easy to repeated attacks. Many patients after the disease pay attention to vaginal cleaning and medication, but do not know the private parts of the disease, but because of the disaster from the mouth, can not resist the sweet snacks, often to the Secret Garden brings endless troubles.

Blood and urine glucose is high, can suffer from various gynecological diseases

There was a close relationship between glucose intake and Candida infection. Both men and women eat too many sweets are easily lead to high blood sugar or glucose, for women, the vaginal epithelial cells of sugar will increase, resulting in high glucose environment nutrition raw Candida blooms, which appeared candidal vaginitis.

On the other hand, long-term eating sweets will inevitably lead to obesity, female friends should pay attention to is that obesity can cause amenorrhea, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, and even cause the sex hormone regulating function disorder, cause low sexual desire in women. If you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, it will speed up obesity.

Eat more probiotic foods, low sugar dairy products

Candida vaginitis patients should pay attention to enhance immunity, proper exercise, it is recommended to eat more probiotic foods, low sugar dairy products, lactic acid bacteria are beneficial to curb vaginitis recurrence. Persistent or recurrent patients, during the onset to manage their mouth, in the standard treatment at the same time, “ban” dessert.

Healthy women avoid eating large amounts of sweets, which can reduce the risk of vaginitis, and should avoid using liquid medicine, water to wash the vagina. If you don’t take medicines appear vulva, vaginal itching, itching for many reasons, such as various kinds of vaginitis (Candida, trichomonas and bacterial), recommended to the regular hospital treatment, otherwise easily lead to recurrent attacks and drug resistance, more difficult to treat.


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