What is an ovarian cyst? What medicine does ovarian cyst take good fast?

What is an ovarian cyst? What medicine does ovarian cyst take good fast? Ovarian cysts are a common disease in women of reproductive age. Cysts can be physiological (i.e., normal, which can change naturally with the change of the menstrual cycle) or pathological (cysts formed by disease).

Ovarian cyst refers to the cystic mass of the ovary, and the cause of the disease is not clear. Ovarian cyst is a kind of ovarian tumour, it may be benign, or it may be malignant, so after the discovery of the disease, first of all to determine whether benign or malignant. In addition, attention should be paid to appear sometimes seems like the ovarian cyst, but not cyst, such as polycystic ovary, ovarian corpus luteum cyst, the endometriosis, although these diseases will appear in ovarian masses, but different from the ovarian cyst.

What medicine can ovarian cyst take good? Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cysts can be twice the result with half the effort. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of differentiation of symptoms and signs is based on syndrome differentiation. Flexible use of blood stasis, Dissipating Dampness, dispelling phlegm, Xiaoji Qi treatment principles and a series of prescriptions, for clinical treatment of ovarian cyst, achieved satisfactory curative effect, and the recurrence rate is 0.

In the above diet must remember, don’t eat too much salty and spicy food, eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; frail or have some sort of disease genes as appropriate to eat some anti-cancer food and basic foods with high alkali content, maintain a good mental state. Don’t eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth.

1, the diet should be light, not suitable for eating mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, fish, fish and other objects.

2, eat chili, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, liquor and other excitant food and drink.

3, fast longan, red dates, Ejiao, royal jelly and other hot, coagulation and hormone containing ingredients

4, eat lean meat, chicken, egg, quail egg, grass carp, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, wax gourd, letinous edodes, tofu, fruits and so on.


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