How does mammary gland hyperplasia do mammary gland flocculus hyperplasia dietotherapy method?

How does mammary gland hyperplasia do? There are many women suffering from varying degrees of breast hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia, how to treat it? We must first understand the breast lobular hyperplasia in clinical practice mainly as follows: 5 – 7 days before menstruation, breast swelling pain, menstrual breast pain relief or even disappear, until the next menstrual cramps appeared before the periodic change.

Radish leaves do not want money, antidiarrheal antidiarrheal match radish, ginger, Coptis; pear, cough is effective and cheap; eat celery don’t ask, lower blood pressure should shout; cucumber crisp sweet, eat beauty; October eat eggplant, tomatoes, starve the doctor; good nutrition, beautiful young disease carrot, small; ginseng, often eat carrots, long spirit; have magic, blood pressure lowering groups; leek root leek leaf, blood stasis; fresh lotus root bleeding, cooked lotus root blood; mutton tonifying qi and blood and lung deficiency most suitable; one to three garlic cloves, half a class of dysentery; garlic is a treasure. Good anti-cancer effect of garlic; Jiang Kaiwei, Baidu, eat radish strong bones.

What should mammary gland flocculus hyperplasia notice? Prevention and treatment of lobular hyperplasia of mammary glands, in the application of drugs at the same time, should pay attention to a few points:

1, to maintain a comfortable mood, avoid mood swings, not to have a long period of depression, especially in the pre menstrual period should pay attention;

2, to work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, appropriate to participate in sports activities, and enhance their own immune function;

3, pay attention to diet, not eat or eat less spicy spicy food, especially during treatment should be prescribed


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