Can mammary gland hyperplasia develop breast cancer?

According to the 2009 China national cancer registration data show that the crude incidence of breast cancer is about 42.55/10 million people, accounting for 16.8% of all female malignant tumors, is the highest incidence of cancer in women malignant tumor.

Moreover, the incidence rate is increasing year by year, and the incidence is expected to reach 53.87/10 million in 2015. Many girls are terrified of it, especially women with breast hyperplasia and other diseases, lest they become cancerous.

Can mammary gland hyperplasia develop breast cancer?

In the fear of disease, many people become alarmed when they learn that they are ill, especially those associated with cancer. Some mammary gland hyperplasia, female patient fears his illness can produce canceration? In this regard, experts pointed out that the relationship between lobular hyperplasia of breast and breast cancer is not in fact, only pathological examination, moderate and severe atypical hyperplasia, in the next 10 years the incidence of cancer will be 4 to 8 times higher than ordinary people. Patients with breast hyperplasia do not have to be too sensitive.

After 30 years of age, women should do a breast ultrasound every year, breast self-examination once a month

The age of onset of breast cancer in women is becoming more and more advanced in China, which is 10-15 years ahead of western countries and Europe, so it is urgent to prevent breast cancer.

The incidence of breast cancer in our country continued to rise, experts suggest that women should do regular radiographic examination, after the age of 30 women a year should be a 40 year old female breast ultrasound, after every three to five years for a mammography. In addition, women can also be self check 1 times a month to the early detection of breast cancer, the best time is 7-10 days after menstruation self-test.


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