Breast hyperplasia is related to the size of bras

Hyperplasia of mammary glands is a kind of gynecological disease that many women have. The disease is usually not too serious, and it will not affect the daily life. Most breast hyperplasia patients suffer from breast distention before menstruation. What does mammary gland hyperplasia come from? A recent survey of women shows that 79.3% of women wear bras that are unsuitable for bra size, long wear, tight bra, and no adjustment. Therefore, gynecological experts advise that wearing bras inappropriate, will induce breast hyperplasia and other breast diseases.

The distribution of breast abundant blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves, especially if the bra is too small under rim is hard and tight, it will affect the blood circulation and supply, causing breast ischemia, spasm, compression of the lymph in the breast, so here is not easy to produce toxins discharged, causing breast hyperplasia. When the bra is too large, the breasts can move up and down inside, which can also cause breast hyperplasia.


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