Notes on postpartum sexual life in women

Women due to postpartum

Postpartum lochia net is not absolutely prohibit sex life. Because of vaginal bleeding, signs of endometrial wound healing, the family will bring pathogenic bacteria, causing serious puerperal infection, and even fatal postpartum hemorrhage. At the same time, in the birth canal wound has not been completely repaired before sexual intercourse, can delay the healing of the wound, not only feel pain, but also secondary infection, and even make the wound split.


Can a woman be pregnant at the age of more than 50? What are the chances of successful conception?

Can a woman be pregnant at the age of more than 50? People in this life, life is also only a hundred years old, and if the year is over fifty, it will be more than half of this life. Being pregnant and having children is a woman’s instinct, so if you are more than 50 years old, can you still be pregnant? About the problem that women can still be pregnant at the age of more than 50, the women’s health Web collection has collected some information for your reference:

Users can share the experience: ah, my husband is twenty-seven years old this year, his father was eighty-two, his father gave birth to him when you say how old.? but his mother was still young, the Liushiduoyi. And the quality is very high ah, my husband is very clever. Their five siblings were farming. Not a love practice book, but he has been to university grades are very good.

User experience sharing: can, but very dangerous, easy dystocia, I wonder if you have menopause?,

Users experience sharing: there is a saying that “the 50 year old is also a climbing tiger”! But now people’s physical quality has declined, and some women, 30 large menopause on the birth.

Experience sharing: that depends on whether you menopause. If menopause, there is no ovulation, of course, ovulation, sperm can not combine with it. The fetus that is to talk about the day. If you are in excellent shape and have normal menstrual periods, you can do it. But the risk of developing an elderly woman is high!!!!!!!

Experience sharing: no menopause can be born!!! A man dies when his sperm is alive. Women are different, some less than fifty menopause, and some later, related reports, so far the oldest woman in the United Kingdom is an old woman, 66 years old gave birth to a girl. Menopause means ovulation. Without the combination of an egg and a sperm, the conception is not pregnant

Net friend experience sharing: can! How often do you see this on TV? More than 50 still can do? However, you need to adjust your body in advance. Brigitte Lin is 52 weeks old and wants a son? Didn’t she have two girls? He said he wanted a boy without a son to inherit his family property, but I suppose it must be a boy Damn it! Men and women are not the same?

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How old is the age of women, women 30 years old, not considered advanced maternal age?

Having children is a process that women must experience in their lives, although the legal age of marriage is 20 years old, but now there are so many women who are not married and have children at the age of 30.

Because of the high risk of pregnancy and childbirth in elderly women, extra care is needed. Usually heard of the “elderly maternal” this term, but many people do not know the age of the elderly, the specific age of the mother is how old! SO~ I’m going to give you some popular science.

How old is the age of women, women 30 years old, not considered advanced maternal age?1

How old are women?

How old are women?

In obstetrics, the term “primipara” refers to the first born woman over the age of 30. Therefore, if a 30 year old female is the first pregnancy, then even if the elderly women, if the birth of a second child, three foetuses, it is not advanced maternal.

In the medical definition, pregnant women over the age of 35, that is, “advanced maternal age.””. But when the average pregnancy is over 34 years old, when the production of more than 35 years old. Therefore, whether pregnant or primipara, pregnant women who are 34 years of age are referred to as “elderly women””.

How old is the age of women, women 30 years old, not considered advanced maternal age?2

How old are women?

Precautions for pregnant women at advanced age

1. pregnant women sugar screening

Because older age before pregnancy, body function decline, so older mothers than other maternal risk of gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes mellitus refers to pregnancy occurs when diabetes generally occurred between 24~28 weeks of pregnancy, gestational diabetes is serious damage to maternal and child health, if not timely detection and treatment can cause serious maternal death, so older mothers should pay more attention to their blood glucose, blood pressure, glucose screening should be carried out in 24~28 weeks of pregnancy, symptoms can be found in time.

2. periodic inspection

Because of the possibility of fetal intrauterine growth retardation and premature delivery in older women, it is important to make a timely and comprehensive birth control. Among them, amniocentesis and screening of pregnant women’s sugar are particularly important in these two examinations.

How old is the age of women, women 30 years old, not considered advanced maternal age?3

How old are women?

3. oral folic acid

Folic acid is water-soluble B vitamins, can produce red blood cells and white blood cells, enhance immunity, lack of folic acid, severe anemia occurs. Folic acid requirements in pregnant women are 4 times that of normal people, and folic acid is an important means of preventing birth defects. 1 months before taking orally folic acid can avoid nervous system development diseases, if not taken before pregnancy, pregnancy can continue to supplement until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

How old is the age of women, women 30 years old, not considered advanced maternal age?4

How old are women?

4. amniocentesis

Because of the high proportion of babies with fetal chromosomal abnormalities in older women, amniocentesis is a very important item in the examination. Because amniocentesis under ultrasound guidance is extracting a small amount of amniotic fluid was tested, the test for pregnant women and babies safe painless and can check out the baby earlier if there is genetic disease and early neural tube defects.

Endocrine disorders make women more and more ugly

A recent medical examination, the doctor told you breast lumps; originally beautiful face is being acne and spots emerge in an endless stream harassment; monthly old friends can not touch the law, only to remember is dysmenorrhea brought impressive pain…… Have these symptoms been noticed by you?

Endocrine disorders threaten women’s health

After the age of 25, the physical condition began to decline. Many problems that have not been encountered before, such as facial chloasma, breast lumps and uterine fibroids, have all appeared in succession. According to the statistics, the prevalence rate of facial melasma, freckles and middle-aged and young women was 28. 2%, of which 27. 5% to 31% of patients suffer from uterine fibroids, breast lumps, ovarian cysts, or other gynecological diseases. In women over the age of 30, the prevalence of breast lumps is as high as 38. 8%-49. 3%, breast lumps may translate into breast cancer. And the morbidity of uterine fibroids is as high as 20%, women may have to remove part or the entire uterus, infertility, and even into cancer. In a recent survey, the disorder caused by endocrine disorders is developing toward a younger age, and teenage girls have become targets of endocrine disorders.

Understanding endocrine disorders, healthy women, endocrine normal, why is it so important to women? Let’s first take a look at what endocrine is. Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological function, it plays a role in human body by secreting hormone. For example, when bacteria enter the body, thymosin will automatically increase secretion to fight germs; women’s menstrual periods also increase progesterone, while estrogen decreases correspondingly. But if for some reasons, endocrine hormone secretion caused by excessive or too little, metabolic dysfunction, will cause endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders. These diseases not only harm the beauty of women, but also harm women’s physical and mental health.

Endocrine balance — become a nice healthy women get rid of endocrine, endocrine diseases have a good face, not only in female susceptibility to facial chloasma, breast and uterine fibroids, may also cause the immune system disease, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia and other diseases. The root causes of these diseases are endocrine disorders, and treatment should begin with a balanced endocrine system.

Too much pressure leads to endocrine disorders

Modern women because of their classics, belt, tire and other special physiological process of production, daily life and work bear family pressures, more often than other people such as wind, cold, heat, dampness, heat evils damage, lead to disorder of qi. Because women are more sensitive, emotional instability, and easily because of depression, impatience, anger, excessive thinking and other internal factors, disturbance of Qi and blood running, resulting in endocrine disorders.

Traditional Chinese medicine recuperation, reasonable living habits and dietary structure

Chinese medicine has an original curative effect on regulating female incretion. In general, regulating qi and blood, removing stasis, removing stasis, invigorating the spleen and promoting the internal organs to regulate the functions of the organs of the female, thereby regulating the endocrine, eliminating the accumulation of blood stasis in the body, and making the secretion levels of estrogen and progesterone tend to equilibrium. In addition, modern women should also develop good eating habits. Diet should be based on fresh vegetables and high protein, low-fat food based; keep eating a certain amount of fruit every day, to supplement the body water and nutrition.

What are the easiest sex positions? The latter is the easiest position for women to conceive

Is there a significant relationship between sexual posture and the chances of conception? Many newlyweds want to know. Then we need to know the process of conception. The first principle is pregnant sperm through the cervix into the uterine cavity, and then reach the fallopian tube, combined with an egg, so to be pregnant, the most important thing is to make the cervix soaking in a pool of semen, the sperm into the uterine cavity to create conditions.

The best form of conception: the genitals can be joined from the front, which is the most common form of sexual intercourse. The woman is lying on her back, knees slightly bent, slightly separated, so that semen can be located in the cervix around the mouth, such a position for women in front of the uterus the best. If you want to get pregnant, you should lie in bed and rest for a while after intercourse so that you can prevent the flow of semen. Don’t get up right away, don’t take a shower, can wait.

Best conceived posture two: from the back to enter, such a position for women after the uterus may be better, more conducive to cervical soaking in semen pool.

All women have a supine, supine position after intercourse, and there is fluid flowing out of the vagina, not your vaginal capacity. In order to ensure that women can get pregnant, after sexual intercourse in the air or in his legs, buttocks below the plug a pillow, make the body in a hip high head position. Or take side positions, knees bent to the stomach as much as possible. This can also prolong the duration of semen retention in the vagina.

The posterior position is the easiest position for females to conceive

The so-called “back position”, but women are lying on the floor, men from the female behind the penis inserted.

This posture can improve the pregnancy environment and increase the chances of conception for infertile women who are prone to flow out of the uterus or semen.

The posture of the penis is close to the right angle of the vagina, and the insertion is not very shallow. If the penis is short or has no fully erection, it is difficult to insert or slip out of the vagina. In this case, the woman must leave her hips as far back as possible so that the vagina and penis show a horizontal position. In order to prevent the outflow of semen, you can put something soft on the abdomen pillow, you can increase the semen into the vagina after storage.

Elbow and knee position method. The female half down, male penis inserted from the hips, women try to rise high, with half a party hold the position of male female waist, force the insertion of the penis. After combination, sexual movements of front, left, left, right, oblique, and back can be performed to enhance sexual stimulation. This also allows women to enter the state, stimulate orgasm, semen easier access to the vagina’s posterior fornix.

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Be pregnant during the holidays

Be pregnant during the holidays? That is to say, during menstruation, will husband and wife sexual life be pregnant?. To be exact, women are not pregnant when they are in the menstrual period. But during the menstrual period, the cavity of the uterus forms extensive fresh wounds. If you have sex at this time, you may bring the germs into your skin and cause inflammation of your genitals

Five bad consequences brought by the same period:

One is because the excitement, will make the insertion of the penis into the female genital congestion, cause menorrhagia, menostaxis; two is the sexual intercourse, the male genitalia may put bacteria into the vagina, blood is a good training base for bacteria and other microorganisms, easy to breed bacteria, the endometrial in tiny wound and rupture of small blood vessels the spread of infection, even involving the endometrium, fallopian tube and pelvic organs, so as to bring unnecessary trouble to the woman; three is menstrual secretions into the male urethra, may also cause urethritis; four is the period of the same room, meeting for sperm in endometrial damage and overflow of blood cells, even into the blood that can induce the generation of antisperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility, infertility. Five is menstruation during the same room, due to sexual impulse contraction of the uterus, but also the endometrial fragments into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to infertility. Therefore, for women’s health and reproductive health, no matter what the circumstances, menstrual intercourse should be prohibited.

Side effects of emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are a contraceptive used by people who fail to help or fail to do so, and are also more common than birth control pills. Then, what are the precautions for using emergency contraceptives, mainly in the following points?:

1, emergency contraception is only an emergency way, not a conventional contraceptive. The proper method of contraception should be chosen instead of using the emergency contraceptive pill frequently.

2, emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours after sexual life, more than 72 hours, failure rate is higher.

3, emergency contraception rate was significantly lower than the conventional method of contraception, but due to high dose (conventional oral contraceptive is equivalent to 8 days of an emergency contraception drug), and side effects were significantly higher than that of conventional contraceptives, such as the change of menstrual cycle.

4, excessive and frequent use of emergency contraceptives may cause harm to the body. Repeated emergency use of contraceptives will lead to menstrual disorders, bleeding or intravenous bleeding to prolong the life and work for women inconvenience.

5, a menstrual cycle can only use emergency contraceptives once, and second times will be invalid.

6, emergency contraception failure, and pregnancy, high incidence of neonatal malformations, pregnancy must be terminated

7, drug emergency contraception can only play a role in this unprotected sexual life. After this cycle, other reliable contraception measures should be adopted for sexual life after taking medicine. If you do not pay attention, the month of medication may be pregnant.

Can you sleep with me for one month?

After pregnancy, women have to adjust their sexual life as a result of the great changes in their physical condition. Most women know that there is a time when they can’t sleep together because the fetus is not fully formed and is afraid of a couple’s sexual life leading to miscarriage. So what months is it that you can’t sleep with each other? If you are pregnant, can you sleep with each other for one month?

Gynecological experts suggest that the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus is more sensitive, placental villi and endometrial combination is not very strong, at this time of sexual life, easy to promote uterine contraction. Semen is rich in prostaglandin, it can make the uterus and fallopian tube smooth muscle contraction, this period if the uterine contraction frequency can lead to blastocyst germplasm difficult, so in the first three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse can cause the most serious consequence is the termination of pregnancy abortion.

What should be paid attention to when pregnant after repeated abortion?

Habitual late abortion is often caused by relaxation. The internal orifice of uterus due to curettage or cervical dilation caused by uterine neck injury, a few may belong to congenital abnormalities. After these patients in mid pregnancy, fetal growth, growth due to amniotic fluid, increased uterine cavity sac self endocervical prominent, when increased intrauterine pressure to a certain extent, will rupture and abortion, the abortion often have no symptoms.

If you want to get pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for gynecological examination, to determine the fallopian tube no abnormalities, whether gynecological inflammation, ovulation is normal and healthy, if these three normal, you can have a healthy baby! If there is any abnormality, you should treat it first and plan to conceive again. From the birth, advise you to give up smoking and drinking during the first half of mr..

After abortion note 1. pregnant women after abortion should not angry, worried or frightened, the husband should be more calm, but do not have sexual life in the short term.2. should be checked to the hospital, follow the doctor’s advice, not her own medication.3. pregnant again to ban heavy manual labor, especially avoid breath, heavy lifting, hard stool the increase of intraabdominal pressure, and miscarriage; avoid large temperature tonic in early pregnancy prohibited contact; X-ray, ultrasonic, radioactive isotope, absolutely avoid inspection of the abdomen with such equipment, to prevent fetal malformation and abortion in pregnant women with.4. should avoid influenza, typhoid fever, pneumonia and other epidemic areas, also should not go the crowded public places, in order to reduce the chances of infection; not active or passive smoking; no pets; gas.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child’s patience

In the course of the child’s growth, parents are the first teachers of their children, so the education style given by their parents is especially important. As they grow older, children need to learn to do things independently, such as doing homework, tidying up their own rooms and clothes.

Although the child is young, naive, but also have their own small temper, in doing things when there will be no patience. So how can parents improve their patience? Let’s study and study together.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience1

What if children don’t have the patience?

One way to improve your child’s patience is to praise your child in time

After the child has finished the task, parents should praise the children in time, which will make them more motivated and motivated. After the exercise of minor matters, parents should be more conscious of setting up obstacles for their children, and provide them with opportunities to overcome their difficulties. Because patience is a strong will to temper, and the more difficult circumstances, the more you can exercise the child’s patience. At this time, parents should encourage their children to do things without giving up halfway. Children through efforts to accomplish a thing, parents should be commended in a timely manner, and strengthen children’s patience to do good habits.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience2

What if children don’t have the patience?

Two ways to improve your child’s patience: rule making

Schedule your time, do your homework and play your schedule, guide your child to complete the task on time, and give rewards after two or a month. If this continues for a long time, the efficiency of the child will be much improved, and patience will be improved.

Three ways to improve children’s patience: parents should set an example

Parents are the children’s first teachers, want children to withstand the heart, parents first set an example and set an example. Parents can not worry about the habit, but not angry about the child. If the parents in life do not cop-out patience, children will be “learning”, so our parents or to seriously have the patience to do things, and is very important for children.

Improve child patience method four: puzzle toys assisted

Many children like to play with toys. By choosing some educational toys, they can cultivate their patience in fun. For example, the building blocks toys, is a different shape, need to be stacked together to form different shapes; puzzle game is to learn to observe and care, and when these kids interactive games is to exercise the child’s patience, time may have to accompany the child to do some interactive educational toys.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience3

What if children don’t have the patience?

Five ways to improve your child’s patience: start with small things around you

Cultivate patience, you can start from the small things around you, you can arrange some children can do housework to them, such as washing dishes, wiping the table, cleaning the room and so on. At first, the child would do it carelessly, while the parents could stand aside and urge the child to do it carefully until he cleaned the bowl, cleaned the table, and cleaned the room. Let the child understand that everything must be done with patience.

Children do not have the patience to do so, try these methods to improve the child's patience4

What if children don’t have the patience?

Six ways to improve your child’s patience: let your child learn to wait

If a child meets something he likes or does something interesting, he can’t wait to achieve it as soon as possible, such as watching the animated cartoons, playing the toys he wants to play, and going out to the playground…… But parents can’t afford to meet their children and meet their children’s needs immediately. Let the child learn to wait patiently, for example, to help mother complete the task to go.